While at home, I find comfort in Korean Culture

Preeti Rawat, Delhi

It’s been more than one and a half months since the government initiated lock-down as a preventive measure against the deadly COVID-19. As everyone is confined to their homes, and moving out only to replenish their essential supplies, life can become a little monotonous. With the routine being fixated at ‘eat, sleep, repeat’, and nothing interesting to look forward to, soon I found myself being restless. In order to get over this monotony, I decided to change this routine of mine and brought in some pleasant changes to engage with the Korean Culture from home that brings me comfort.

These are what I am doing currently:

Studying Korean

As a student of the Korean language, a break seemed a welcome change initially. But soon, I started missing my classes. To beat the blues, I sat with my books for an hour every day. Studying on my own gave me a better perspective and understanding of the language and helped me to mark my progress as well. I realized I have enough time to go through each topic at my own pace and practice my writing and speaking skills.

Study material for Korean language

Reading Korean Storybooks 

I had received a few Korean Storybooks, but because of the paucity of time, they remained stacked up in my bookshelf for a long time. As I rummaged through the shelf to look for something to read, I found these storybooks! With a simple narrative, eye-catching illustrations, and wonderful story-lines, they proved to be a delight to read in my leisure.

Korean story-books

Binge-watching K-Dramas

As an avid follower of K-Dramas, I spend my time binge-watching interesting stories. From K-Dramas to Korean movies and web series, I am now exploring every genre. Few days back, I finished watching ‘The Flu’ (2013) and the highly acclaimed ‘Parasite’ (2019), and now I am currently searching for a good K-Drama to watch next. Watching K-Dramas is not only a source of entertainment for me but it also helps me with my Korean listening skills, and I love every bit of it!

K-Pop all the way

If you ever feel bored or don’t know what to do in general, listening to the right song can do wonders. It’s therapeutic and helps your heart be at ease. Being an ARMY, I always return to heart-touching pieces by BTS, but other recommendations from friends always find a place in my playlist. From girl groups/ boy groups to solo artists and OSTs from dramas, these songs are soothing to my ears.

Virtual Concerts

As a lot of concerts are either cancelled or postponed for an indefinite period of time,  a lot of groups have decided to go virtual. Yes, you heard that right. Virtual concerts are totally in! From BTS to SuperM, everyone is back online to offer the best to their devoted fans.

How are you spending your days in lockdown? Do comment and let us know!

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