5 YouTubers to Know About Korean Culture

Madhavi Sutar, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

If you love Korean culture, then I am sure you would also like to explore new and interesting stuff related to South Korea, be it through social media or blogs. A lot of us watch YouTube videos as well. However, most of the time we face language barriers to understand them as we need subtitles or translations, but here are the five of my favourite YouTubers who can help you to know more about Korean culture in English.

Abby P

Abby P is a teacher who lives in South Korea. She is from California, USA, and loves K-pop and Korean culture. She started working as a school teacher in South Korea to teach the English language to Korean students. Her video content on YouTube is mainly about K-pop, lifestyle, Korean language, and Korean culture.

She is a multi-talented girl as she can speak many languages such as English, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Tagalog. She graduated in Visual and Performing Arts and plays Volleyball and Basketball. She has a Black belt in Taekwondo and she likes Skateboarding and B-girling as well. She is a big fan of K-pop. She always helps her subscribers to learn the Korean language. She has immense knowledge about K-pop ranging from the first generation of K-pop to BTS. She creates lifestyle vlogs living in South Korea, concert vlogs, giveaways, travel vlogs. She has shared her experience of how she learned the Korean language and shares the resources for learning Korean for the viewers. She is so attached to her subscribers, that she even shows her subscribers’ comments in her video. Watch this video to see how she spends her week, living, and working in South Korea:

Video Credits: Abby P


You can check out this YouTube channel to know about a lot of interesting things about South Korea. DKDKTV channel consists of two talented guys named Danny Kim and David Kim. This channel will help you to understand a lot about K-dramas, K-pop songs, K-news, and Korean culture. They will explain to you the theories and meanings behind a lot of K-pop songs and also give reactions and reviews. You can enjoy videos related to Seoul city tour, Korean food, interviews, and many more. They started their channel three years ago and now they are one of the most successful YouTubers in South Korea. They both are talented, handsome, young, and well-versed in English. I would totally recommend their YouTube channel. Watch their well-researched video about Seo Taiji, one of the most influential artists in the history of K-pop:

Video Credits: DKDKTV

Kenji Kumagai

Kenji is a Korean guy from Los Angeles who is currently living in Korea Town of Los Angeles. He is passionate about sharing Korean culture with the world. He is a good dancer who loves to do B-boying and skateboarding. In his channel, he mainly reacts to K-pop songs and explains their meaningful lyrics; talks about K-pop news, Korean culture, Korean manners; does mukbang, give-aways, and many more. He started his channel one year ago and now he has become a K-influencer as well. He does live streaming for his subscribers often. You will find yourself happily watching his videos and learning more about K-pop and Korean culture. Watch this video to know about some of the popular Korean phrases that you should know as a K-pop fan:

Video Credits: Kenji Kumagai

Korean Dost

Korean Dost is a YouTube channel hosted by Min and Hoon, two Korean guys who are fond of India and Indian culture. Korean Dost is one of the fastest-growing Korean channels that is getting popularity in India. In their videos, they not only talk about the Korean lifestyle and how it is similar or different from the Indian lifestyle, but they also share their perspective about Indian culture from the point of view of Koreans. They started their channel one year ago and quickly became favourites of many. They make a lot of reaction videos on Indian songs, do mukbang on Indian and Korean food, and also show glimpses of Korean culture through their vlogs. Both of them have visited India last year and also did a meet and greet with their subscribers.

Min and Hoon both studied abroad and are well-versed in English. Currently, they are living in Seoul while working there. At present, Hoon is not part of the Korean Dost anymore but if you want to know what Koreans think and love about India then you should definitely subscribe to their channel to watch their journey. This channel acts as a cultural bridge between South Korea and India. Check out this video of Min visiting the Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea:

Video Credits: Korean Dost

Sonal Yadav

Last but not the least, an Indian girl living in South Korea, who is helping a lot of us to know more about South Korea. Her name is Sonal Yadav. She started her channel four years ago and now she is a successful and one of the most popular Indian YouTubers who is living in South Korea. Her content covers topics that are related to Korean skincare, makeup tutorials, Korean food, travel vlogs, lifestyle and experience of living in Korea, shopping vlogs, mukbangs, and many more.

She has been a student at Seoul National University for Korean language studies. She is passionate about Korean skincare and beauty products, Korean culture, K-dramas, K-pop, and about South Korea. She hails from Delhi. In some of her videos, she has shared important tips about learning the Korean language and studying in Korea. Her videos are in both English and Hindi. If you want to know more about her makeup tutorials and skincare, then I would love to recommend you to watch her videos. Watch this video to see Sonal’s experience of eating Korean street food in Myeongdong, South Korea:

Video Credit: Sonal Yadav

Did you enjoy these videos? Do you know any other YouTuber who share their experience of Korean culture and about South Korea? Do let us know in the comments.

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