K-Food: A Review on Korean Fried Chicken

M.Janakavi, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Hello foodies, we all love snacks at any time so I am introducing you to one of the tastiest snacks in the world, Korean fried chicken. There are many types of fried chicken we come across but Korean fried chicken is different from others because of its unique secret seasonings, it’s a double deep fried chicken covered with hot and sweet sauces and famously called “Candy Chicken.”

History of Korean Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken (KFC) is a very easy and delicious snack for the evening and late at night because of its crispy layer covered with Korean Sweet Chilli sauce.

Let’s look into the history, In the 1940s and 1950s during Korean war-time, Koreans consumed chicken usually came in soups and broth. After being changed over by Africans and Americans selling American fried chicken and got more famous. The first Korean fried chicken franchise- Lim’s Chicken was established in 1977 in Chungmu, Seoul.

Next Yangnyeom chicken history started, here “Yangnyeom” means Seasoned Spicy chicken. In 1982 Yun Jonggye Pelicana chicken at Daejeon was introduced, Pelicana chicken is a kind of marinated chicken.

Then during the 1990s Asian financial crisis hit. This gave rise to the selling of fried chicken because people went jobless, so started doing the fried chicken business.

Types of Korean Fried Chicken

Four different fried chickens are famous among native Koreans and tourists -Yangnyeom chicken which means seasoned, Barbeque type grilled chicken, Purinkle chicken, Boombastic chicken, and Popcorn Chicken.

Yangnyeom, Purinkle, and Boombastic, this fried chicken from BHC company, the company Ambassador is Jeon Ji-hyeon, who herself is a lover of fried chicken. BBQ company recently introduced Vampire chicken this is the spiciest fried chicken variety and it has three levels of spice, and if you can’t handle some spice then this is not for you! The king of all these fried chicken companies in Korea- Kyoncho company – very popular among Koreans and tourists.

Apart from these types of contemporary fried chicken varieties, there is a classic way of fried chicken, which is the Honey chicken – Here fried chicken is coated with honey and chilli sauce. Ganjang chicken means fried chicken coated with soy sauce, Tongdak – whole chicken is fried in oil and last is Sunsal chicken it’s a boneless stir-fried chicken.

Ingredients of Korean Fried Chicken

● Chicken wings/drumsticks/ Boneless Chicken thigh

● Rice Wine, Ginger

● Potato Starch And Pepper

● Vinegar and Peanuts

● Korean chili Paste, Honey, Soy Sauce, garlic, and sesame oil

● For Garnish – Green onions, and sesame seeds.

How Koreans serve Korean Fried Chicken

In Korea, they’ll serve you fried chicken with different sauces and pickles. They have wasabi paste, buldak sauce, mayonnaise, cheesy white sauce, and pickled cucumber or radish. sometimes they’ll give you some free services of sauces and pickles too.

Today every Mukbang YouTuber is making trending videos of these fried chickens and cravings for these fried chickens will never get over among Koreans and foreigners.

Korean Fried Chicken in India

1. Mumbai

● Toast and Tonic

● Shibuya Food and Bar

● Olly

● One street 

2. Delhi

● Gung the Palace – Green park

● The Shim Tur – Paharganj

● Seoul Restaurant– Khel Gaon Marg

● Busan Korean Restaurant – Majnu ka Tila

3. Chennai

● Hangang Story

● Jangwon Korean and Japanese Restaurant

● New Seoul Hotels

● North East Kitchen

● Pumpkin Tales

4. Bangalore

● Hae Kum Gang

● Arirang Korean Restaurant

Nutririon facts about Korean Fried Chicken

The Korean Fried Chicken is packed with Proteins, sodium, potassium, fiber, vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, etc.

Overall about the Korean Fried Chicken.

Overall Korean fried chicken is so easy to make at home and In Korea, this Korean fried chicken is delivered at your doorstep anytime. Koreans usually call this recipe in their slang “Huraideu chikin ”, It means “ A Dish made by coating chopped chicken with flavor and frying or baking it ”, According to “The National Institute of Korean Language.”

Let us know in the comment section about your experience of the Korean Fried Chicken or the flavour you would like to try?

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