Rules to be followed:

  1. You should be of 15 years and above as on 31st March, 2020 to write an article for the website. You must be a citizen of India as well as you must be currently living in India.
  2. Each and every writer will be paid after their article has been published.
  3. If you wish to be a contributor/ writer at our website, you have to fulfil all these conditions first: ‘General Rules for Contributors’. These rules are:
    • Follow/ Subscribe the website of Hallyuism
    • Follow Hallyuism on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (wherever you are available)
    • Update your profile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles (wherever you are available) by mentioning that you are contributor at Hallyuism by tagging the ID/ account
  4. If these conditions have not been fulfilled, the article won’t be published.
  5. You have to get your topic approved before you start writing. Your topic will be approved in the Whatsapp Group of Hallyuism. You will be added to the group, once you have fulfilled all the conditions that are mentioned above.
  6. After your article has been approved, kindly send the article to
    • Subject: Include Topic Name ONLY
    • Word File should have heading, your full name, city and state (Please see any article for the format from our website)
    • Word Limit 400-500 words
    • Kindly DO NOT attach pictures in the article. Send the pictures separately in the mail.
    • If you want to attach a link in the word file, kindly only attach blue tick marked/ official links irrespective of where the link has been published.
    • Also if you are providing some statistics in the article, we need the information from blue tick marked/ official links that have been published related to the statistics given.
  7. After your article has been published, please mail the new article in a fresh mail. Do not follow the previous thread where you had sent your previous article.
  8. The article will be disqualified if its plagiarised.
  9. If you pen down an article where you have yourself experienced the event/ place/ etc, credits will be given to you for your picture and or video mentioned in the article. You can include your posted links (pictures and videos) in the word file or send pictures and or videos, if not published anywhere, separately in the mail.
  10. You will be paid immediately after your article has been published and you have completed all the formalities as mentioned in rules of payment. The ‘Rules of Payment’ are as follows:
    • Shared your published article on the SNS, wherever you are available:
      • Liked and Shared your own article on Facebook from Facebook Page of Hallyuism
      • Liked the post of your own article, Uploaded the story for the same by tagging Hallyuism and Reposted your own article post from Instagram Account of Hallyuism
      • Liked and Retweeted your own article on Twitter from Twitter Account of Hallyuism
    • Five comments at least from unique users on your own article on the website. Comments from the same email id won’t be counted.
  11. The articles should be of different categories. We have listed out some categories. Every time you write, you can choose different topics from the following categories:
    • K-Drama: Includes the following topics from the dramas that have been completed/ aired:
      • K-Drama Review and or
      • K-Drama OST Review and or
      • Character Sketch
    • K-Variety Show Review: Must be completed/ aired
    • K-Movie Review
    • K-Pop Album Review
    • K-Song Review: K-Pop Song from an album or by an artist, K-Drama OST
    • Korean Cultural Event by Korean Cultural Centre India or by any other Korean Association in India and or abroad or by Regional and or Fandom Fan Clubs.
    • Fan Meet and or Concert attended in India/ abroad
    • Korean Language
    • K-Food
    • K-Sport: Indoor/ Outdoor Games and Sports
    • K-Beauty
    • K-Tourism
    • Technology from South Korea
    • Korean Cultural Groups: Gamblerz Crew, Onglas, Nanta, etc (Excluding K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Movie)
    • We will NOT PUBLISH any article on the comeback of an artist/ artists/ group/ sports person/ sports team/ cultural groups/ influencer (Post Event Articles will be published instead of prior event). Also kindly note that articles on comebacks, post event article will only be published.
    • We will NOT PUBLISH any article where you have written about an artist/ artists/ group/ sports person/ sports team/ cultural groups/ influencer, if their information is already published by pages like Wikipedia.

General Information to Contributors:

  • The articles which have already been published, the respective writers also have to follow the steps mentioned above.
  • All the payments to the writers will be made online via PAYTM. Payment in the form of cash and or delivery of cash will not be entertained.
  • If you agree to the terms of writing and payment, kindly fill the form below.
  • After this step, you can message us on the Instagram Account. If you are not available on Instagram, kindly drop a message on Facebook Page or on Twitter Account, we will add you in our whatapp group. Kindly do not message for the post of a contributor if you haven’t followed/ subscribed to our website, updated your SNS and filled the form.

The above steps have to be followed so that we can publish quality content and also your article can be well read and shared by people. We appreciate the hardwork and efforts of our present writers and our editors. We are ready to welcome new writers and contributors on board. Thank you for all the love and support!