K-Food: A Review on Korean Fried Chicken

M.Janakavi, Chennai, Tamilnadu Hello foodies, we all love snacks at any time so I am introducing you to one of the tastiest snacks in the world, Korean fried chicken. There are many types of fried chicken we come across but Korean fried chicken is different from others because of its unique secret seasonings, it’s a…

Korean Restaurants to Explore in Delhi

Vidushi Sharma, New Delhi: As we know how the Korean wave is taking over Indians, and when we talk about Korea, how can we miss the delicious food that we see in all these K-Dramas? Food is an integral part of Korean Culture, in every K-Drama we can see the leads gorge themselves on delectable-looking Tteobboki or some Gimbap and the heavenly Bibimbap. To satisfy your Korean food cravings, we have listed down 5 Korean restaurants in Delhi where you can enjoy Korean cuisine be it Ramyeon, Gimbap, Tteobboki, Korean Fried Chicken, or even Soju!