Why Bulgogi is World Famous?

Chanchal Bharti, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh When it comes to cuisine, everyone has their own preferences. Some people prefer Italian food, while others prefer Indian food, but I prefer Korean cuisine. Korean cuisine is as delicious as it appears. Korea is home to a plethora of world-famous delicacies. When we think about famous Korean dishes, the…

My Quick Go-to Dish: Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice)

Amratha C.S, New Delhi When we Asians have the last night’s leftover rice in the fridge, a variety of fried rice is born out of it for our breakfast menu. This habit of ours connects us in a way and because of the change in ingredients, it makes us unique in our own ways. Each…

K-Food Review: Tteokbokki

Anushka Gupta, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Everyone who’s been admiring and loving Korean culture, is a huge fan of TTEOKBOKKI for sure! Let’s be honest, we all have craved this dish while binge watching our favourite Korean dramas! This is that one Korean dish which has made us drool over everytime we saw our K-Celebrities eating…

Korean Dishes made from Rice

Krupal Mehta, Mumbai, Maharashtra: For Korean people, rice is more than just a food item. Despite being a staple dish on its own, it is also used towards Korean skin-care and beauty frequently. In older times, rice has also been perceived as a symbol of prosperity and to determine the status of people based on the quantity of rice they used to store at their homes. Rice has two names in Korea- the uncooked rice is called Ssal and the cooked rice is known as Bap. There are many South Korean dishes that can be made using rice as the main ingredient. Let’s see how!

The Rising Korean Wave in India: K-Event by The Hindu and Korea Tourism Organization of India

Korean Wave popularly called as “Hallyu” (한류) has gained massive popularity across the world in recent times and India is no different to it. A rapid boom in India can be witnessed in the recent years with rising popularity of K-Pop and K-Dramas among the youth and teenagers that is eventually leading to their interest in other aspects of Korean Culture. The pandemic seems to have also contributed for the shift of people towards consumption of Korean entertainment at large. It is now valid to say that most fans in India are thrilled by it and wish to at least witness everything they see on screen in real life. To sum it up, it is that every Korean wave fan wishes to visit Korea once in their lifetime. Taking this undeniable point into notice, Korea Tourism Organisation and The Hindu presented an online event discussion on the topic “The Rising Korean Wave in India and Its Influence on Post- Pandemic Travel to South Korea.”

Popular Korean Instant Food

Gauran Sharma, Delhi: If you’re new to the topic of Korean snacks, then I would suggest to not underestimate the Korean instant food market. You will be surprised at the varieties and brands of instant food that are available at every regular convenience store across South Korea. All K-drama and K-pop lovers know what it’s like to drool over the meals that that is shown in their favorite dramas or V-Lives. But in real life, it is just some convenience-store-food that most Koreans have the means to access easily. So, if you ever get the chance to go to Korea or you get some easy access to Korean-convenience-store-food, these are some must-try items on the list:

The Taste of South Korea

Vanshika Sharma, Haridwar, Uttarakhand: Eating the local cuisine is one of the best ways to experience a country’s culture. Like most cuisines around the world, traditional food helps in connecting generations and building memories & friendships. Traditional cuisine is the identity and the mirror of a country’s lifestyle, and sharing the home country food with others is the best way to show their love.