The Art of Writing: Korean Calligraphy

Aanchal Tekriwal, Godda, Jharkhand One of the exciting things about learning a new language is also learning about its culture and history. In Korea exist one of the unique heritage art forms is calligraphy. A cherished Korean art form that imparts the artist’s emotions while illustrating the strength, purity and sempiternity of ancient tradition. Korean…

History of Silla Dynasty

Mughda Sanjay Attarde, Mumbai, Maharashtra: Korea is a land with a significant history. Bak Hyeokgeose of Silla found Silla dynasty in 57 BC. When he turned 13, six clans submitted to him as king and established Saro-guk. Saro-guk comprised six villages and six clans. Silla was also referred as Gyerim and the dynasty was recorded to use Hanja or traditional writing system using Chinese characters. This dynasty acquired a detail system of law and governance, social status and official advancement by 6th century and the bone rank system dictated them.