K-Drama Review: Chicago Typewriter

Naveena Nair, Vadodara, Gujarat Filled to the brim with romance, bromance, patriotism, and betrayals; Chicago Typewriter, released in 2017, gives you a glimpse of 1930s South Korea’s struggle for freedom from the clutches of Japan. It was written by the famous writer, Jin Soo-wan; well-known for his works such as Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)…

Movies of Heart Throb Gong Yoo You Shouldn’t Miss

Pahul Nanra, New Delhi: Paving his way into the cinema industry, this iconic actor Gong Yoo is considered to be one of the most handsome and talented eligible bachelors of South Korea out there. Actor and model Gong Yoo has definitely left an impression on us and reached a new level of popularity after starring in hit movies and dramas like, “Train to Busan”, “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”, and “Coffee prince.” In his many years of acting, this South Korean heartthrob has never failed to woo the audience with his striking good looks, charismatic personality and impeccable acting skills. Also, who wouldn’t notice that this 41 year old actor simply ages like fine wine, still maintaining his charm. Let’s get into his top four movies that are a must watch if he has piqued your interest!