K-Interview: Korean G1

Isha Singh, New Delhi Jiwon also known as Korean G1 from South Korea, is a well known Korean influencer who is deeply in love with the Indian culture, music, languages, food, dress, festivals, people etc. To express her love towards India and to deepen India-Korea’s friendship, she makes content – like Indian song covers, dance…

Independence Day Celebration in India and South Korea

Amandeep Kaur, New Delhi: Freedom is the most valued thing in this world and every human individual has the right to freedom. Many countries struggled to get rid of their rulers, colonisers, and invaders for centuries. Thousands of freedom fighters and warriors sacrificed their lives for their country and fought wars and battles to get independence. The timeline of history reveals that India and South Korea are among the countries that got freedom from their colonisers Britishers and Japanese respectively on the same day, i.e., 15th August.