Nandhini Lakshmi. M, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Most Korean foods gets introduced to us through K-Dramas and Movies. My interest and love for them are mostly inspired by K-Dramas. By watching them eating passionately and their expressions make me curious. As there were no Korean cuisine or restaurant in my area, I have tried making simple…

K-Food Review: Korean Marinated Crab

M. Janakavi, Namakkal, Tamilnadu: Have you ever tasted Korean Marinated Raw crab? This name is quite misleading, as many folk expect it to be a raw crab, but it turns out to be a well-fermented crab dish. Let me bring in to you a salivating and tempting appetite recipe of the Korean marinated Raw Crab dish. This dish is known as Gejang, where Ge means Crab and Jang means soy sauce in Korean. It is popularly called as Kanjang Gejang, meaning marinated Raw crabs in Soy Sauce. Also, some regions in Korea call it as Gejeot as it stands for salty fermented seafood served with Rice as a side dish.