Exploring Jeju Island

Mugdha Sanjay Attarde, Mumbai, Maharashtra The main lead packs their bags and travels thousands of kilometers to relieve themselves from everyday stress and to bloom their love. Where have we watched this scene? All the K-drama fanatics have seen this scene in dramas and they never fail to fascinate us with the scenic beauty of…

The Korean Society during the Joseon Dynasty

Devitt Khuallalmuan Ngaihte, Imphal, Manipur: In the present context, the term ‘society’ refers to a group of individuals involved in social interactions having a common collective interest, language, culture and traditions. Order and hierarchy and the demand to meet expectations of the society has framed the Korean society since time immemorial. It emphasized on family values, hierarchy between classes, older and younger people. South Koreans are hardworking, and the country has undergone profound economic developments and transformations in such a brief span of time. This article details the drastic transitions that took place in the Korean society at the start of the Joseon Dynasty.