K-Drama Review: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Saumya Jain, New Delhi This drama is one of the earliest Korean dramas I have watched. I fell in love with this drama so much that I ended up watching it three times! Crazy, right? I know, but every time I watched it, it gave me that same level of fun and entertainment. This drama is…

K-Drama Review: Start-up

Madhulika Pathak, Kolkata, West Bengal Start-up, just like the title, is about a fresh beginning, a new chapter of a passionate, dauntless, and promising youthful life. The main leads of this drama are, Seo Dal-mi (played by Bae Suzy), Nam Do-san (played by Nam Joo-hyuk), and Han Ji-pyeong (played by Kim Seon-ho) and Seo In-jae/Won…

K-Drama Review: Welcome to Waikiki

Meghna Sharma, Panchkula, Haryana Are you having a bad day or a bad mood? Well, as the experts say, gwenchana gwenchana (it’s okay); I got your back! This drama is going to make you snap out of it and you will be as pleased as a punch! Plot ‘Welcome to Waikiki’ is a 20-episode, 2018,…

K-Drama Review: Sweet Home

Aanchal Yadav, New Delhi Sweet Home (스위트홈) originally a South Korean webtoon written by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwang Young-chan was recently turned into a Korean drama by Lee Eung-bok, Hong So-ri, and Jang Young-woo. Released on 18 December 2020 on Netflix the drama in total has 10 episodes. The name of the drama,…

K-Drama Review: Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Khushi Vaid, New Delhi “In the middle of youth, this summer was ours” Youth is filled with rowdy friendships and passionate love, which helps our long-life shine ahead. Nothing lasts forever however the verity that we were once piece of these forever’s. You don’t always end up with your first love, you change, you grow,…

K-Drama Review: Dive into the Courtroom Romance and Mystery with Suspicious Partner

Suspicious Partner was the first drama that I watched of Ji Chang-wook, one of the A-list actors in the Korean Entertainment industry. I was left completely amazed by his acting and visuals and from there on I continued to enjoy watching his dramas. He has portrayed many remarkable lead roles in K-Dramas and Movies. Suspicious Partner (Korean: 수상한 파트너; RR: Susanghan Pateuneo) is directed by Park Sun-ho and written by Kwon Ki-young. It aired from May 10, 2017, to July 13, 2017, every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS at 22:00 (KST) comprising 40 episodes. It is a legal romantic-comedy genre with a hint of mystery, and spine chilling twists and turns of events.

K-Drama Review: Prison Playbook

Haarini Angappan Balasubramaniam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu: ho, Jung Hae-in, Krystal Jung, and Lee Kyu-hyung. It aired from November 22, 2017, to January 18, 2018, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The plot of this drama is new and refreshing. It is one of the most underrated dramas. 

Popular K-afes (cafes) in Seoul

Saumya Jain, New Delhi: Are you anticipating your trip to South Korea and have not check listed any cafes yet? Then, you will miss out on something big!! Trust me!! Do you know South Korea is the land of some of the most creative cafes in the world. The collection of themed cafes is immensely unique. There are many cafes which you can visit if you have time to tour South Korea. Well, don’t worry, I have a checklist ready for you guys which will help you out during your next journey to South Korea. Here is a list of top 6 must visit cafes if you travel South Korea. Do not miss out!

[INTERVIEW] Rea and Jimmy about living in South Korea

Jasmine Khan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: Rea and Jimmy are International Couple YouTubers based in South Korea. Rea is from Southern California and has been living in South Korea for about three and a half years. She has studied English and Linguistics and is currently an English teacher pursuing her passion for language and culture. Jimmy is from Seoul, South Korea. His real name is Jeong Jae and has been living in South Korea his whole life. Majored in Korean History and Korean Classic Literature, he takes active interest in explaining Korea-related things to people. Both are active on making vlogs together as well as manage their own respective YouTube and Instagram to share about their lives living in South Korea, their love for food and cafes, Historical facts about South Korea and more. Here is an in-depth interview of both where they talk and share about their personal and professional lives in South Korea.

K-Drama Review : Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Smriti Lakra, Guna, Madhya Pradesh: Being a huge fan of actress Hwang Jung-eum, Mystic Pop-up bar was on my must-watch list and it didn’t disappoint me. The immersive storyline is worth watching. This series based on a popular Webtoon gives Hotel Del Luna’s vibes, but it stands out uniquely with its touching subplot and a mysterious storyline. Each episode holds a relatable issue and teaches a life-changing lesson. Mystic Pop-up Bar (쌍갑포차) is a South Korean fantasy series premiered by JTBC from 20th May to 25th June 2020 and is also available on Netflix. It has 12 episodes each of 70 minutes.