Taekwondo: The Art of Discipline

Khushi Vaid, New Delhi Taekwondo is one of Korea’s most tough and most scientific classical martial arts, lessoning further than just physical fighting ways. It’s a specialty that teaches us how to enhance our spirits and memoirs by putting out our bodies and minds. Presently, it is a global sport with a prestigious worldwide reputation…

Mandatory Military Service in South Korea

Archana Goswami, New Delhi:
South Korea has a policy of compulsory Military service, officially known as conscription. Conscription has existed since 1957 in South Korea. While it gives a hard time to some fans as they have to wait for nearly two years for their bias, it is considered a glorious moment to serve the nation for South Korean people. Military enlistment is an integral part of the lives of citizens of South Korea. So let’s get into the details of mandatory military service or conscription.