K-Restaurant Review: Sinsa Seoul Cafe

Nikhat Parveen, Delhi Transporting you from the bustling streets of New Delhi to the vibrant culinary landscape of Seoul, the Sinsa Seoul Cafe in Satya Niketan emerges as a hidden gem, a harmonious convergence of cultures. Nestled amidst the bustling lanes, this Korean food haven casts a spell with its tantalizing aromas and captivating ambience….

Dining and Drinking Culture of South Korea

Isha Singh, Delhi Food is not only about flavours, nutrients, and calories but also depicts values, traditions, and culture. As we know, for years Korea has been known for its rich, diverse history and the evolution of Korean cuisine from Kimchi to Ramyeon. It has been seen that with the increasing Hallyu wave, there has…

My First Korean Cooking Experience

Vidushi Sharma, New Delhi Kimchi is a traditional Korean recipe which involves the fermentation of vegetables. Every region has a different recipe for Kimchi so there are various types of Kimchi which you can find in Korea! It perfectly accompanies every Korean dish like Bibimbap, Ramyeon, Samgyeopsal, etc. The first time I saw someone making…

Popular Korean Instant Food

Gauran Sharma, Delhi: If you’re new to the topic of Korean snacks, then I would suggest to not underestimate the Korean instant food market. You will be surprised at the varieties and brands of instant food that are available at every regular convenience store across South Korea. All K-drama and K-pop lovers know what it’s like to drool over the meals that that is shown in their favorite dramas or V-Lives. But in real life, it is just some convenience-store-food that most Koreans have the means to access easily. So, if you ever get the chance to go to Korea or you get some easy access to Korean-convenience-store-food, these are some must-try items on the list: