Ashley Kumar, New Delhi Injuries. Accidents. Contract. Leaving Members. Hiatus. Do these terms sound familiar? Yep, anyone who loves K-pop would definitely know what they mean. And if we were to talk about these terms specifically, one group, in particular, comes to mind that endured it all. They are none other than the Hallyu Kings,…

Popular K-Pop Sub-units

Mehak Sharma, New Delhi: As K-Pop fans, we love to see our favourites collaborating with different artists which not only helps them to gain more attention but also increases the scope of showcasing their individual styles. Moreover, the excitement doubles when they team up with members to form a sub-unit. The list of sub-units is incomplete without mentioning the legendary boy group Super Junior. The very first official sub-unit in K-Pop was Super Junior: K.R.Y comprising Kyu-hyun, Ryeo-wook, Yesung, that debuted in 2006 by releasing two original songs titled as The Night Chicago Died and The One I Love. Let’s take a look at some of the popular sub-units of K-Pop groups.