Review of Talk To Me In Korean Books & Website

Deepika Gill, Gurgaon, Haryana ‘Talk To Me In Korean,’ also known as TTMIK, is a learning platform for those who want to learn Korean (Hangeul) at home. It’s a website, with a guy named Hyun-woo as the teacher. TTMIK offers audio, video, and text materials for learners. They start by teaching basic words such as…

K-Interview: Korean Language Instructor and YouTuber Era Kaundal

Khushi Vaid, New Delhi: Era Kaundal is a professional Korean Language Teacher and a YouTuber based in India. She has been learning Korean language since 5 years and has helped her students to connect with the culture and practices of South Korea using a Korean perspective that she has developed over years of study. Era has completed 2 years of Korean Language Diploma from Delhi University and 1 year of Advanced level studies from the Korean Cultural Center. She has been teaching Korean for 2 years on various popular platforms and has taught more than 1500 students. She also loves creating video content on social media about Korean culture and language. Let’s take a look at her conversation to know more about her journey.