Reasons why learning Korean Language is worth it!

Aafreen Hossain, Delhi

Learning a new language can be recreational and amusing to get rid of the monotony of life. What’s more interesting is that with this added skill, you might also add up a few bucks to your pocket, if you can actually make use of it. But the question arises, which language to start with?

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Well, there are many popular options, such as languages of Western countries like French, Spanish, German, etc. as well as languages of Eastern countries such as Mandarin or Japanese. So which is the easiest language to learn? Let’s think about it once. No, it’s not French, even though it is one of the most popular Foreign language. But if you want to take off a little from the mainstream languages, why not take a look at the Asian languages. Well, Mandarin and Japanese are considered high in terms of difficulty level, due to many characters and might leave you with low motivation as a beginner to continue further but what about Korean, the official language of South Korea, which is also identified as one of the most practical languages in the world.

Yes right! 한글 (Romanized as Hangeul) is the alphabet system that is used for reading and writing the Korean language is the most practical language script in the world. It was developed by King Sejong, the Fourth King of the Joseon Dynasty. It was made official during the fifteenth century by King Sejong’s decree. Until the 20th century the script was known as Hunminjeongeum. Today, it is spoken by about 77 million people and is the 13th most widely spoken language. 

Why Korean language you ask? Well, first of all the growing popularity of Korean Culture in the form of the Hallyu (Korean wave) is undeniable, not even Western countries can refuse to acknowledge it. Recent examples of Blockbusters movies that have attracted the world’s attention are Parasite (Oscar-winning movie), Lucy, Oldboy and many more. Now, why should you learn Hangeul? There are many reasons. Some of them can be:

  • Korean conglomerate, no doubt has captured the world economy with their quality and values. Few names can be LG, Samsung, KIA, Hyundai, Lotte, Posco, and so on. Learning Korean language can increase your chances to work for one of these companies.
  • Korean will give you access to interact and network Korean people all over the world that has nearly 77 million people speaking Korean.
  • Korean skincare, fashion, and entertainment industry has taken over the world and has attracted the youth by setting high standards with its hard-working and perfectionist attitude, which is now attracting more and more people to get familiar with the Korean language.
  • Easier to learn if compared with other Asian languages like Mandarin, Arabic or Japanese. (anyone can learn to read and write Korean by learning Hangeul characters in merely few hours)
  • Get rid of subtitles and enjoy your Korean shows, movies, dramas without missing any good scenes. 
  • Get more familiar with the culture and heritage of Korea.
  • An additional foreign language in your CV.

There are many more reasons that you will discover once you start learning this language and start to reap out the benefits in the future. Moreover, you will definitely want to visit South Korea once in your lifetime. Learning Korean can help you interact with locals and you can roam freely without the need of a translator. So, let’s start our journey towards South Korea and enjoy the Korean wave.

Check out this sweet song to know more about Hanguel:

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What’s your reason to learn Korean Language?

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  1. trinette1957 says:

    I completely agree with you, l started in January watching kdrama and now I can read perfectly well Hangul. The main challenge is the pronunciation and grammatical syntax but l truly enjoy it

  2. Zamima Parvin says:

    Quite impressive I never knew it’s that easy to learn Korean Language .. I have alway asume it as one of those language which are similar to Chinese and Japanese language and difficult to learn. During this lockdown periods I will give it a try .

    1. abhilasha_rawat says:

      Honestly! Learning Korean makes exploring K-culture and watching K-content 10 times more fun!

  3. Iamakpopfan says:

    This is true. And learning hangul isnt even hard like mandarin and japanese. Its really motivating.

  4. Suba says:

    it is really interesting.

  5. dramalover says:

    Korean is easy and is in demand which is a good reason for start learning an asian language

  6. IU_lily says:

    It’s worth trying because the results are pretty fast

  7. Smriti. L says:

    Great article!

  8. This article focuses on about the elegance of Korean language! Well written👏

  9. aanchal18 says:

    Currently learning Korean the article just made me feel much more interested!!

    1. This article is so well written . It is definitely motivating me to learn Korean language.

  10. saumya7897 says:

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐well written article…seems like learning new language has many benefits

  11. khiroda06 says:

    I was one of those people who thought Korean is hard language to learn like Chinese, Japanese etc. But here i am who’s now taking baby stepa to learn it and now i can somewhat understand what the person is saying without seeing subtitles ^^ well written ♡

  12. Like it’s not that hard if you are committed and Korean is simplest language, I can say now

  13. monisha0505 says:

    It’s well written , “nothing get wasted what you learn everything will be useful for you someday in yours life” I believe in this . I am also in learning Korean and after reading this article my interest get higher to learn Korean sooner … ❤️

  14. rupalikujur says:

    Very well written 👌🏻

  15. Learning korean isn’t that difficult. It just requires consistent practice just like any other language. Great article!👍👍

  16. chandrasep11 says:

    Yes it’s my dream too, I want to visit Korea one day…thanks you have given such motivation for those who want to learn Korean…😍

  17. Piyush Mandal says:

    Well learning korean is really easy as compared to Japanese and Chinese. Because Japanese has three different scripts and written in different way which requires a lot of practices.😓 But it will become easy after practicing daily.😌

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