My Memorable Moment at the Z-Stars’ Show

Sanskriti Saxena, Delhi

As you all know, every year, idols from the Korean Entertainment Industry come to India to perform for their fans. I try to attend the concerts and fan-meets of these idols. So this year in February, I came to know about Z-Stars’ Show in Gurgaon. They were to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe on February 12. I was so excited as Z-Stars consists of idols from different countries, and there are two idols from India too – Siddhant Arora and Priyanka. These two make me proud!

Z-Stars Show

The show was scheduled to start at 9 p.m., so I reached there at 8 p.m. to reserve the best place. I landed a spot quite near the stage! I, along with two other girls, stood near the stage from 8:15 p. m. so that we could be in front. The idols arrived at 9 p.m. They introduced themselves, and I could recognise Sid and Priyanka. Sid’s family was also present in the audience, and he looked excited. The girls’ group went first, and they performed on their songs and other English covers. Everyone looked so cute. They performed in groups of two to three as well. As we were close to the stage, it was easy to make eye contact with them. The idol I liked the most was Blink. He was so cute, and his smile was captivating.

As I believe in enjoying the moment, I don’t take pictures or make videos much because it’s better to see and experience things live than witness the moment through the camera’s lens. The girls standing next to me shared the same opinion and enjoyed the moment to the fullest.

But the most memorable moment was yet to come. While performing with Sid, Mavin got off the stage, and I found him standing in front of me. He started singing to me! For a moment, it seemed as if I was paralysed as I stood fixed at my spot. I could not even believe he was singing to me! He asked me my name but could not understand it well, but the entire moment was so surreal. Though it was brief, I could feel my heart beat faster. Never in my life had I expected an idol to sing to me; it was unbelievable!

The show was so amazing! They even did a cover of BTS at the end. Later, they distributed their albums and provided hand bands to all of us who were present at the show. I had the opportunity of interacting with Sid’s family, and I congratulated them on his success. I wholeheartedly wish that Z-Stars will gain more fame and success in the future! With love, from India!

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  1. Seema says:

    Z-pop 😍😍😍😍

  2. Woww! U were so lucky!😍

  3. Jubby Kumar says:

    😍 😍 Sanskriti you did really well 😁👌

  4. khirodask06 says:

    I wish i was there 🙂 You are so Lucky girl❤…. Le poor me…i hope i can attend Upcoming events…🙂

  5. pinkdiary07 says:

    I wish i could attend this one.. Amazing article

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