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Monsta X is a South Korean boy band under Starship Entertainment that has just made their awaited comeback in May 2020, with their extended play Fantasia X. If you are new to them, I will help you out by introducing these wonderful artists, which might help you to know them better. Each member of the group itself is the reason why you should stan Monsta X. Let’s get started.

Monsta X has 5 vocalists (including former member Wonho) and 2 rappers.

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The leader of the group, Son Hyun-woo, known by his stage name Shownu, is the idol who does not show his emotions easily but his voice betrays him. His voice explodes with emotions at every note. His honey-like vocals are highly appreciated among Monsta X fans, known as Monbebe, as they never fail to touch their hearts. He was a previous contestant on the mystery music show King of Mask Singer. Because of his amazing vocal and obviously fantastic dance skills, he was supposed to debut with Got7 but instead, debuted as the lead vocalist and main dancer of Monsta X.


Currently separated from the boy band, Lee Ho-seok or Wonho is set to pursue a solo career and now, has his own fandom called WENEE. But, his contribution as a former member, lead vocalist, lead dancer, and visual of Monsta X cannot be ignored. He is fondly known by the fans as beloved bunny and muscle-man! Contrary to his big, scary appearance, his voice is one of the softest, just like his personality. His voice is truly mesmerising that can become sensuous to match the vibe of the tracks.


Lee Min-hyuk or Minhyuk has the position of the sub-vocalist and the visual in the group. His voice is not only soft but also has an underlying seductive tone. His voice adds a unique touch to Monsta X’s powerful songs. His ability to touch high notes is the USP of his voice! His personality reflects in his voice.


As the main vocalist of Monsta X, Yoo Ki-hyun or Kihyun is known throughout the K-pop industry for his heavenly vocals. He has a bold voice and holds the records for having the most demos for the group. His voice definitely stands out in crowds. He has sung many OSTs, and he was also a contestant on the King of Mask Singer, like Shownu.


Chae Hyung-won or Hyungwon, is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper of the group. His husky, deep voice is a great contrast to Minhyuk’s high-pitched voice. It’s always refreshing to hear their contrasting harmonisations in their songs. This handsome idol is also known as DJ H.One. He has taken a break from his DJ-related activities to focus on the group but recently stated that he has started to produce music again.


If he had to be compared to an animal, it would definitely be a roaring tiger because of his fiery style of rapping. Lee Jo-heon, known by his stage name Joohoney, has a strong stage presence and aura, and is even deemed “too scary” by fellow idols and mentors. He is an amazing vocalist as well. With his recent performance on the King of Mask Singer, he shocked everyone with his vocals. He has a self-produced mixtape called Jung Ji.


This producer maknae has one of the deepest voices in the K-pop industry. Im Chang-kyun, known as I.M, has the position of the lead rapper and sub-vocalist in the group. He has even recorded audio-books, which adds to the calming effect his voice has. His rapping style can be described as ‘cold and chic’ as compared to Jooheon’s feiry style, which brings a perfect balance in the group. These two maknaes rule the Monsta X rap line. When it comes to singing, I.M is known to be shy but still has a couple of covers to share with the fans demonstrating his soft and gentle vocals. So far, he has released 2 mixtapes and has sung multiple singles.

As a musically diversified group, I am sure Monsta X will not disappoint you. Here’s a playlist, you can listen to that shows off their wide range:

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