Environment Preservation Initiatives by K-Celebs

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Every year, 5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day to raise awareness about the protection of the environment. The theme of this year’s Environment Day was “Ecosystem Restoration.” There are many notable celebrities from South Korea who understand their social resposibilities and have many times stepped ahead to carry out initiatives that are meant to save and protect the nature and the environment. With the strong and familial connection, they have with their fans, they not only leave a positive impact on them, but also encourage many people around the globe to do their bit. Here, we will highlight some of the impressive causes and acts that these celebrities from South Korea have been a part of:

 Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho opened a donation platform, PROMIZ in 2014 to help people in need. Promiz comes from the words Promise and Minoz (his fans). He has also collaborated with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and UNICEF. He donated 100 million won under his fan club name to UNICEF’S Nepal Earthquake Fund in 2015. He received the Sharing Happiness Award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea in 2016 for his active contribution to society and environment.


Formula E, the car racing championship that uses electric cars, joined hand with BTS to help promote the vision of a world that combats air pollution with more environmentally-friendly vehicles. The group is also the brand ambassador for Korean car manufacturer Hyundai’s Clean Energy Projects. To celebrate this year’s World Environment Day, they released a video on a global hydrogen-themed campaign, “For Tomorrow, We Won’t Wait.” This video shows you how Hydrogen is an eco-friendly and renewable source of energy and can help in significantly reducing the carbon foot-prints and emissions in the environment.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation’s ‘International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies’, an annual event that started on September 7, 2020. It’s a part of the UN’s effort led by South Korea to raise public awareness about global air quality. It focuses on the effects of air pollution and steps to improve air quality.


Blackpink is the Cultural Ambassador of COP26, a UN Climate Change Conference that will be held in the UK in November 2021. They shared their concern about climate change and their will to raise awareness about it. They called out their fans to join them in this journey.

“This is a global challenge. Each and everyone of us could make a difference and we need to act now” – Jennie

Park Seo-Joon

Park Seo-joon has joined hands with WWF and encouraged everyone to take part in Earth Hour. It’s held annually on the last Saturday of March when people turn off lights for an hour to show support for our planet. WWF has shared a video starring Park Seo-joon titled Time Off for Me. In the video, he can be seen living a sustainable life like carrying groceries in a reusable bag. He also turned off the light at 8:30 pm and joined millions of people who were taking part in Earth Hour.

At the end, It doesn’t matter if you are a big celebrity or a regular person, what matters is that we all live on the same planet and we have to protect our planet at all costs as well as create awareness among people. They are not just celebrities but they are also prominent activists who are fighting to save our environment so let’s join hands in this together because the world needs as much love as it can get and it is only possible with our help and support.

Do you know any other K-celebrities who have actively taken part in ecosystem restoration and environment preservation? Tell us in the comments.

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    Some peoples only focus on their carrear and their own fame. Some precious peoples are use their image in positive way and help those who in need. I am proud to be in way of leeminho.

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    I love how actors and idols are spreading awareness about environmental crisis through their fans and the huge popularity they get everyday ♡♡♡

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    This article is needed so much. I hope people follow their idols and focus on environment because it’s high time to start focusing on the environment. Go green. Good article.

  7. These notable celebrities did such a great gesture to preserve the nature. Hope everyone take a step to save the environment

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    We all have to take measures and initiatives to make our environment clean and fruitful. It’s for all of us. Let’s get motivated from them.

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