K-Song Review: TXT’s We Lost the Summer

Isha Singh, New Delhi

“We sing what our generation feels”- TXT

Tomorrow X Together pronounced as Tomorrow by Together or TXT is a fourth-generation K-pop group; with members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai; that focuses on uniting together to make a better tomorrow. On October 26, 2020, this Gen-Z group released their third mini-album titled, Minisode 1: Blue Hour, which consists of 5 songs comprising different genres like Indie-Rock, Disco, R&B, etc., and depicts different stories in each song.

This album is a bridge between the Dream Chapter series and the next era Chaos Chapter. The main focus of this album is to narrate the feelings of loneliness, uncertainty and homesickness experienced by the youth during the Covid-19 pandemic. The speciality of this mini-album was that the concept photos were based on the scenario of an online centric society and the fact that each member had individual parts, they were able to express their different sides and evolution since their debut.

Out of all the five tracks, the song which especially stands out during the current times is ‘We Lost the Summer’ as it explains the situation of how in a blink of an eye, people lost the normalcy in their lives. This song was inspired by another beautiful piece of 1998 “Arcade” by the legendary Han’s Band. Just how Arcade acted as a piece of hope and comfort for the Korean citizens during the financial crisis back then, TXT wanted their piece to act as a warm hug for everyone going through hard times during the pandemic. Some MOAs; fandom of TXT; also believed that this song is linked with the third track of ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’, Our Summer. It describes the joyful moments spent together with closed ones, while ‘We lost the Summer’ explains the opposite.

The music video starts with the five members enjoying their time together by clicking mirror selfies in the bathroom, but just then a warning of “public safety alert” pops up in Choi Yeon-jun‘s phone, and in the next scene, all are seen being connected through a familiar screen in their respective isolated rooms. As the song starts, Huening Kai and Kang Tae-hyun are seen reminiscing the happy memories of them chatting, sharing earphones, and vibing on popular songs in their classroom. 

First day on my calendar, then countless more first days, 

left alone on the evening of an endless 1st of March.

As Choi Soo-bin is seen being idle, going down the memory lane, he sings these lines to reflect the mood of each day feeling the same with March being a never-ending month. Choi Beom-gyu being playful with a Golden Retriever; sings Our clock lost the weather, stuck in the winter, comparing the cold weather with loneliness. The winter here also explains how the relationship had turned cold between friends and close ones. Along with that, a sense of loneliness or melancholy is expressed as the winter seems endless, with people getting disconnected and showing true colours of themselves.

We lost the summer when we lost each other,

Give me back my season, oh it’s all gone,

Endless winter, now I just miss ya,

Give us back ourselves.

The song also dons a choreography by members in their respected isolated rooms where we see pink mullet Yeon-jun with fake tattoos and a leopard printed coat making TikTok video just like any other teenager. The fake tattoo on his neck reads Blue Hour, but when inverted, it reads R u ok. Tae-hyun expresses how masks hide all our emotions and Soo-bin is shown with a lethargic expression, displaying the feeling of aggression.

Hiding my sigh behind a stifling mask,

I hate my face drained of expression.

As the next verse starts, we see the significance of flying high despite the hard times as they are shown playing with a drone; wearing masks and walking in separate lanes to deliver the message of social distancing and self-care. The song ends on a positive note, giving hope to the members who are stuck in the winter, along the lines:

Want to see you again, our shining summer,

Long gone we lost the summer.

I love how this song isn’t too fancy, doesn’t have complicated beats or tunes but it’s still emerges beautifully and has a impact on anyone who listens to it. From connecting through screens to being frustrated with the endless vacation, each moment represents our daily lives during the pandemic. The song also gives us hope that we’ll go on, as no winter lasts forever. You can watch the music video here:

Have you heard this song? What do you think, let us know in the comments?

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