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I’m sure that everyone has once heard the phrase “Clean your room!” from their parents. Most of us are always surrounded with mess and there are times when our parents can’t get enough of any cleaning we do. But have you ever imagined the life of someone who is obsessed with cleaning is who is never satisfied with the cleanliness around them? This drama is definitely going to serve you with something you might not have seen before. The Korean drama Clean With Passion for Now, is a romantic-comedy, consisting of 16 episodes starring Yoon Kyun-sang as Jang Seon-kyul, Kim Yoo-jung as Gil Oh-sol, and Song Jae-rim as Choi Ha-in as the main leads. The drama is based on the popular webtoon by the same name by Aengo. This drama was released in 2018.

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Characters and Storyline

The story revolves around Jang Seon-kyul, who is wealthy and handsome but suffers from germaphobia. He is obsessed with cleaning and even owns a cleaning company called ‘Cleaning Fairy’, where he definitely knows the business inside and out. His happy clean life somehow starts getting messed up when he meets Gil Oh-sol, a care-free girl who is not bothered by her shabby clothing at all. She always wears her trademark tracksuit. After getting rejected from a lot of jobs where she worked part-time, she tries to find a job in a cleaning company which is owned by Seon-kyul.

The look of Oh-sol drives him crazy and having her as an employee, that too with her not-so-clean attitude, creeps him out and disrupts his cleanliness routine. Seon-kyul has a backstory that made him such a clean freak. His sickness caused him to be isolated and lonely, deprived of love and human touch. The story also involves Choi Ha-in / Daniel Choi, who is a psychiatrist from Rochester clinic. He happens to live on the rooftop of Oh-sol’s house as a tenant.  He has a one-sided love for Oh-sol. He is a well respected psychiatrist but that fact his hidden from Oh-sol.

What I liked the most?

Something that made me more intrigued about this drama is the way it gives an insight in the life of someone suffering from OCD, that is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Being from a medical background myself, I know it is the most misunderstood health condition and I really appreciate the director for addressing its psychological aspects, and at the same time portraying the real life struggles of the patients dealing with it.

Why you should watch?

It is an incredibly delightful romance drama that can fill your eyes with tears of laughter, yet it has tender touching moments to it. The funny scenes will always be predominant and the characters do full justice to their respective parts. You will laugh, cry, swoon to your hearts content. The age difference between the two leads, Yun Kyun-sang and Kim Yoo-jung did come out as a shock for many, but that did not compromise with the good performance and the beautifully directed romantic scenes they serve us with. The comedic timing, emotional parts, and the main base of the drama, everything is in right proportions.

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I found it interesting that Seon-kyul did not let his weakness to pull him down. Instead, he turned it into his strength by opening a cleaning company, thereby, turning his weakness into his business. A lot of viewers might be dealing with the same condition, and this drama will definitely give you the strength to overcome your fears and emerge victorious. Mental health issues too are always surrounded with myths and people need to get more education on such topics so that they can understand the daily struggle of these people and act as a helping hand for someone in need.

To know his backstory that made him obsessed with cleaning and how certain turn of events take place between Seon-kyul and Oh-sol, and if he will ever be able to cure himself from mysophobia, all these questions are answered in the drama . So, hurry up and get ready for a new journey, and trust me, you will end this drama with a happy tear.

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    I have watched this drama too. And it’s totally what I thought of when watched it. I am totally agree with the review. Nicely described. ❤️❤️❤️

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    Now I’ll have to see this drama ………

  3. The story looks interesting. Will definitely watch it soon 👍 well written 👏

  4. One of my favourite drama of Yoon Kyun Sang.. Also i really like how drama told the story of a person with OCD. I’m glad k-dramas are portraying mental health issues and disorders in a good way. Well written review

    1. Thankyou girl❤

  5. This drama is one of my favourites and the review is so good🌸

  6. Surprisingly, this drama exceeded my expectation from the main lead’s chemistry. The review is so nicely done.

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    I am starting it soon!! Well explained article!!

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      Yes! I have watched this drama 🥰 It is lovely. ♡
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    The drama sounds nice and funny, will watch it!

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    I haven’t seen this drama but the review seems interesting 👍

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    I haven’t seen this drama but the way this is written, it seems really interesting. I’ll definitely try to watch it❤️

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    The review article is so well written ❤️🙌🏽 guess now I have to watch this drama 🔥

  15. Audrei Renee says:

    It was a good drama, I think I like the Chinese remake better tho.


    I REALLY despise when writers make characters irredeemable. Gil oh-sol was just too much for me at the end… I feel Jang Seon-Kyul deserves SO MUCH BETTER than the Gil family. He didn’t do anything and yet they treated him so badly. It’s just unnecessary, especially to have it to the point where he’s almost begging to be with her. He has been abandoned SO many times throughout his life, and she abandoned him as well, when he REALLY needed her. He deserved a better ending than being with her. He deserved finding a good girl.

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