K-Album Review: PINOCCHIO by f(x)

Ashley Kumar, New Delhi

SM Entertainment’s third girl group, f(x), consisting of members Victoria, Luna, Amber, Krystal and Sulli, known for their very experimental concepts and catchy lyrics, released their first full studio album in 2011 called Pinocchio. It consists of 10 tracks and each track has a quirky uniqueness which is expressed clearly through the members’ vocals. Let’s go into the depths of these songs and find out, what makes these songs so special!

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Pinocchio (Danger)

The first track of the album is a very catchy song and will refuse to leave your head. You’ll find yourself singing the “ddaraddaradda” part, at least five times a day. The song talks about how the members will re-create a person according to their preferences, just like how Pinocchio was made. It is a very “f(x) styled” song and serves as an absolute no-skip track in the entire album, hence positioned as the title track. The choreography also goes immensely well with the catchy beats.

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빙그르 (Sweet Witches)

The second track of the album is the jumpiest track of all. Despite having very simple and basic instrumentals, this song serves as the quirkiest one. The members become sweet witches for people who feel tired, and they make a medicine for them which contains emotions of happiness, tears of joy, and special winks from them. They mix it with a catchy “binggeureu” sound which is the main attraction of the song. Even though Amber has few lines in this song, her small rap part serves as a fresh break to the song.

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A very “Spy Kids” like third track, this song fits f(x)’s style. It serves as a continued song to PINOCCHIO (Danger), the first track. The lyrics talk about the confusion of considering a person as a friend, lover or just a comfortable companion, and how it’s dangerous to make a person feel that way. Every member shines in this song as they all portray their unique vocals in every line. It’s impossible for one to not act like James Bond while listening to this song. I’d recommend to set this as your alarm song as well!

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Beautiful Goodbye

After 3 very intense songs, the fourth track, Beautiful Goodbye, serves as a break from all the funky beats and shows a softer side of f(x). It is a very soft and slow song which talks about a beautiful farewell while the heart breaks into pieces. It’s a song that high-school teens can definitely relate to.

Gangsta Boy

The fifth track is an R&B song. It’s very fresh to listen to and will have you vibing to it at the back of your car seat. The lyrics are about how the members see a very hot-tempered guy and they are not scared of him. Instead, they see him as a harmless hamster (yes, they are weird that way). Amber’s rap is definitely the main part of the song and it gives a very fun bounce to the song. Again, this song fits f(x)’s style and naturally, f(x) embraces it perfectly with their vocals.

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아이 (Love)

The sixth track has f(x)’s name all over it, yet it sounds so mysterious. It somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. This song has a more mature feel to it and is one of their best B-sides of all time. Luna’s powerful vocals dominate the song and makes it even more charming to listen to. This song is a definite repeat song in the whole track list.

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Stand Up!

The seventh track is an up-beat song with motivating lyrics. It has very minimal instrumentals, but your mood will for sure reach its maximum joy level. I’d recommend to listen to it as soon as you wake up. It will fill you with all the mental energy you need for the day!

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My Style

The eighth track in the album stands out of all songs as it’s not the least similar to the rest. It has a fun base to it and you automatically start to bob your head to it. All members shine throughout the song and it really makes you wonder about your style.

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So Into U

The ninth track serves as the ballad of the entire album. A soft song after so many quirky ones, lower downs your adrenaline levels and makes you enjoy the moment. It’s full of melodies which will leave you with a smile on your face. A must listen!

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Lollipop (Feat. SHINee)

One of the most exciting collabs of K-pop is the tenth and last track on this album. SM Entertainment’s sibling groups come together in this upbeat song, and before you know it, you’re making your own dance moves! All members of f(x) and SHINee bring their vocals together and deliver an even unique mix. It’s a very exciting song to listen to and it leaves you with high spirits. What a way of ending an album!

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This was all about f(x)’s first full studio album, PINOCCHIO. It is a very fun album to listen to which talks about what youth is all about. Personally, it is one of my favourite f(x) releases. Which PINOCCHIO track is your favourite? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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