K-Drama Review: Something in the Rain

Nikita Punia, Mumbai, Maharashtra

What catches your heart right from the get-go is how much reality there is in every moment that something in the rain has to offer. The truthfulness, of not just the lead cast, but even that of the supporting members to their characters is mesmerizing to the point where it becomes natural to put oneself in the place of Yoon Jin-ah or Seo Joon-hee and imagine going through their romantic endeavours yourself.

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Starring beautiful as ever Son Ye-jin and charming as ever Jung Hae-in, the 2018 South Korean television series “Something in the Rain”, which also goes by the name “Pretty nuna who buys me food” is one of the few K-dramas that hold the power of capturing your attention while making you believe that everything in it is real. It has been directed by the award-winning director Ahn Pan-seok, who has also directed “Heard it through the grapevine.” It was broadcast on JTBC every Friday and Saturday from March 30 to May 19, 2018. 

Picture Credits: Wikipedia
Picture Credits: Wikipedia


The insights it provides with the use of subtle layers into how much we go through, considering the different roles that we, as adults, have to uphold, are purely excellent. On one front, the drama chases the glowing acquaintance to lovers story of the lead actors, while simultaneously drifting into issues such as the workplace harassment women have to face, how children who grow up without parents are treated and viewed in the society, never-ending familial constraints on marriage with the one you love and how much of a nuisance a previous relationship can be.

Jin-ah, fast approaching her 40s, meets Joon-hee, her old friend’s younger brother in front of a building close to both their offices, and right since that moment their playful and joyous fronts start to shine as they complement each other with breath’s ease. They go out to eat a couple of times as they find out they work in the same building, just on different floors. He pretends to be her boyfriend this one instance when he sees her being troubled by her former love interest. However, he soon realizes that he has lost himself in her but misses critical moments to confess his feelings for her, which is why when they go out with a few other colleagues one night, and Jin-ah doesn’t hesitate to grab his hand under the table when he was asked if he was seeing someone.

Jin-ah’s best friend happens to be Joon-hee’s elder sister, who is very protective towards her sibling as she has cared for him like a mother through the years. Once they decided to enter into a relationship, they avoided revealing this fact to anyone, but because it felt suffocating to do so and she felt like they were teenagers sneaking behind their parents’ back, Jin-ah wanted to tell her best friend. But a lot was to unfold before she got to do that. On the home front, Jin-ah’s parents didn’t seem to understand the fact that she and her and her partner had broken up because he cheated on her. They even go so far as to invite him home for dinner and ask them to resolve whatever the issue is and get back together. Her mother was a believer in ‘marry a high-status, rich guy for a great life ahead,’ which is why she was hell-bent on getting them to patch things up.

Soon enough both their siblings become aware of their relationship and they go from feeling betrayed to supporting them. While Jin-ah manages to confess to her father, her mother lashes out till the very end and even belittles both Joon-hee and his sister for thinking they could become relatives. Fighting for her safety and rights at her office, Jin-ah becomes a strong-headed person and decides to move out of her home and start afresh. Joon-hee wanted to take her to America where they could live without constraints but Jin-ah refuses to run away. Just like that, they part ways. Jin-ah gets into a visibly-forced relationship with a guy, whom Joon-hee happens to see at Jin-ah’s brother’s wedding a few months later.

The passion they felt for each other never died and so it was impossible to be happy with anyone else. On the day that he was to go back to the USA, Jin-ah goes to an island a little far from her place. Joon-hee heads to that island instead of boarding his flight. In the midst of the heavy rain, he spots her under the night sky and they embrace each other with just as much zest as if it was for the first time, knowing that’s where their home lies.

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If you are looking for a fairytale romance with all the touches to reality, Something in the Rain is the one for you. With a fresh cast and remarkably catchy OSTs to fall in love with. Do let us know in the comment section would you like to watch this drama or not.

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  4. All flavours and shades of love are so beautifully portrayed in the series right from the first episode! It may seem like a simple plot about an older woman and a younger man, but there’s so much more into the series! The way the characters grow with the love for each other, stand up to the taboos around them and just hang on to each other to keep it going!

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    very well written! This drama is a masterpiece!!

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  10. It is one of my favourite drama and also where i fall in love with Jung Hae in. amazingly reviewed.

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