Unforgettable OSTs of Guardian – The Lonely and Great God

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There is a saying by Aldous Huxley that goes, ‘After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music,’ and I believe majority of people agree will agree to this because sometimes the only thing we need when we are speechless, overwhelmed to say or react in any particular way, or when we want to appreciate silence and give ourselves a quick comforting moment, is music. There is no lie that music heals people and resonates within them.

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In 2016, aired a show called ‘Guardian- The Lonely and Great God’ directed by Lee Eung-bok, Kwon Hyuk-chan and Yoon Jong-ho, based on a completely fresh and aesthetic storyline, showcasing the life of cursed God, Soul Collectors, reincarnation etc., which ultimately was wound around a human girl who played a significant role in the whole plot. This K-drama along with having an astounding plot and applauding acting skills, exhibited exquisitely created music which stimulated the correct emotions with zero effort and enlightened our mood with the fact that honest and genuine music still exists in this world and no matter what language it is in, just the sizzling voice of a singer and the remarkable work of musicians can definitely leave an imprint.

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With more than 10 tracks in the show, it surely helped in the viewers connect and created a familiar environment unlike the case when too much music distracts the viewer from the story. Out of all the OST’s, the most popular one was the original track of the show i.e., ‘Stay With Me’ sung by Park Chan-yeol from a prominent K-pop group, EXO, and Punch (Bae Jin-young). This song puts forth the inner desire of the protagonists to stay close to each other even if they are clutched by the forces of separation; to be the only one for each other because even in the dark they can see their love pouring out from their eyes. The beautiful blend of their soulful voices and the elegant work of the instruments made this song connect with the listeners and definitely holds a special place in the hearts of fans.

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Following this song comes another beautiful melody that is undoubtedly the perfect romantic song for people who love and adore each other. The song is called ‘Beautiful’ and is sung by Crush (Shin Hyo-seob). This is my go to song whenever it rains because what can be better than jamming to such a beautiful song at such an amazing time! The line that I loved and found to be the ultimate favourite is-

‘The memories of you, the memories with you’

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It just basically sums up the whole song stating that the person wants to spend his entire life being in the same world as you, to love and protect you till eternity; how they want to create memories and cherish you so that you won’t only linger as a memory. 

Then comes the song, ‘You Are So Beautiful’, a quirky and humorously pretty song, showcasing the sweet and playful side of the second lead couple where the guy is unable to ignore her beloved’s pretty features and her sunny personality and keeps on finding stunning ways to compliment her.

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Soyou (Kang Ji-hyun) lent her voice to this heartbreaking OST called ‘I Miss You’ which tries to bring out the melancholy that subsides in the girl’s heart that she is unable to voice out which ultimately fall down as the aching tears every time she looks at the face or remember the past memory. All she wishes for is to find her true love if she is blessed with another life and stop those screaming tears, rather voice out all her emotions because she believes in fate and destiny.

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My personal favourite OST is ‘I Will go to You Like the First Snow’ sung by Ailee. This song just calls out to me every time I decide to listen to music. It’s the song where the lead protagonist pleads out to the forces higher above, to never let the bond holding them together, die. She cries out how the world felt so dark, lonely and cold when she had to let go of the person she saw her future with and how the season of love won’t return and the flowers won’t bloom because the warmth and happiness is gone. Her last wish is to come to him in another life as the first snow with a new fate and destiny.

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Special mentions: This one is for the unforgettable and iconic intro track “Round and Round” by Heize ft. Han Soo-ji!

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Overall this album definitely left an impact in my heart and undoubtedly it will be one the best I’ve ever come across. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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    The OSTs are as good as the drama, I listen to the songs whenever I am feeling down. This is a really good article, very well written.

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    These ost’s are lovely 😍🙌🙌

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    Stay with me is the purest ost💜💜💜💜

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    all are very good but my favourite is punch.. that tune oh my god still stuck in my mind

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    The drama with the best ost ❤️

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    This drama 😍🙌🍁

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    This drama and all the OSTs are a masterpiece. Very well written article.

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