Webtoon Review: Weak Hero; Who’s The Strongest Of Them All?

Sameen Murtaza, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Weak Hero is an action drama webtoon created by Seopass and Razen. It follows Gray Yeon, a frail-looking kid who is anything but weak in reality. A genius and hardworking kid with a dark past, when Gray starts getting picked on by bullies in his class, things start to get ugly.

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For most people, appearances mean everything. The same goes for the bullies at Gray’s school. They start harassing him solely because he looks “feminine” and weak. But little do they know that this kid who’s barely got any skin on his bones, can flawlessly defend himself.

In a calculative and brutal manner by making them fall to their knees out of fear, from then on no one is safe. The hierarchy of bullies in and out of his school who do nothing but harass and harm others are on Gray’s radar. He will find them and fix them for good.

Though clearly, not all delinquents are bad. During his journey of fixing the wicked, Gray meets a lot of people out of which he gets a few decent and genuine pals. These lads can fix a punch but will also be there to have Gray’s back when he needs them.

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Eugene is the one closest to him. Far from being capable of defending himself, Eugene still tries to help him, and this gesture is enough for Gray to become close to him. Then we have Ben, Alex, Gerard, Rowan and even Teddy who were reformed by our very own Gray.

With diverse personalities and their tales of past, these boys decide to fight for peace. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. During the story, we are introduced to this whole underground school gang system under “The Union.” The Union is the organization formed to control them and standing on the top is the one and only, Donald Na.

His ultimate aim is to earn money and all of that is used for the businesses he owns. But he does have a strong desire to have everything under his control and there comes in all the gangs. They are used by him to extract money and do all the dirty tasks that help his business stay afloat.

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It is but obvious that many challenged his power, but against his strength and the might of The Union, no one stood a chance. It is to be noted that most of these gangs didn’t obey him out of respect but rather out of pure fear. One mistake and Donald was ready to make their lives a living nightmare. Alex and Ben have had a whole lot of history with Donald and were trying to lay low. But, fate had different plans. Gray getting caught up in the mess made matters worse and that is when the decision was taken.

Donald or The Union weren’t going to stop till every one of those who destroy other’s lives are left. Putting on their gears and leaving their past behind, these boys head out to take this gigantic pyramid-like structure of bullies down once and for all. They won’t stop till they topple them all and finish the nonsense that was started long ago.

Brutal fights, emotional backstories, to reach their own motivations, a desire to protect and that is all that makes up Weak Hero. As much as the story is focused on fighting, it has its share of heartwarming moments and lessons for all, to stand up and fight for what’s right. If I had to talk about my personal favourite moment, it would be when the boys start to trust and open up to each other. Especially the development between Gray and Ben, the commitment to fight for the sake of his friends is undoubtedly what makes Ben’s character so lovable.

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The last boss, Donald, awaits the battle with Gray and his group of rebels in what will be the biggest showdown in the entire story. The readers are also excited as to how will Gray tackle Donald, since both are known to be prodigies. If anything is sure, it is that the last part of this story will be nothing short of intense excellence!​

Since season 3 is ongoing, much is left to be seen and readers can only anticipate with excitement. So, if you are ready to dive into this world of intense delinquent school fights with a touch of emotions, a fast-paced plot and phenomenal art, Weak Hero awaits you. With over two hundred chapters out and available for free on Webtoon, there isn’t a second to waste. Sit back and enjoy the truly thrilling ride that is Weak Hero. You can read this here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/action/weakhero/list?title_no=1726

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