Korean Affair 2.0 with Bang Tan Shefs in Pune

Tahoora Charfare and Suhasini Singh, Pune, Maharashtra

After their successful Korean Affair in Mumbai, Maharashtra, The Bang Tan Shefs restaurant organised their second Korean Affair event in Pune, Maharashtra on the 21st of August 2022. The event took place in the Creaticity Mall, Opus Banquet, Pune. With their first-ever large-scale K-Pop event, Punekars were excited and enthusiastic. More than 250 ARMYs attended the event. Members from Hallyuism, Ms. Tahoora and Ms. Suhasini also attended the event as the official media partners.

“You must love yourself but also be there for others when they need you”

Ms. Riya Goon, the owner of Bang Tan Shefs Restaurant in Mumbai, successfully hosted the Korean Affair 2.0 with the help of her team who managed to bring all the BTS-ARMY and K-Pop fans in and around Pune together. Apart from just being a regular meet and greet, there was more to this event. All the profits of the event were shared with The Poona Blind School. Also to mention their previous Korean Affair in Mumbai helped the Stray Dogs Foundation.

To host a large-scale event and make it successful is not an easy task, especially when it’s done with selflessness. Ms. Riya and everyone who represented Bang Tan Shefs made everyone realise what principles they stand for and how we must give to society, just like their idols (BTS) dominated the K-Pop industry but are still humble and make donations and give to society.

As Ms. Riya Goon mentioned that the events she organises are to provide Korean Fans with a safe place to enjoy themselves with other fans as well as engage themselves in working towards a better future for all! She selflessly worked hard for this event without any profit goals.

The event started with a positive view of the people knowing the cause of the event and meeting the teacher from the Poona Blind School. This was followed by some amazing performances by Komal Sonawane (@_komalalala_), Riddhi T. (@riddhitofficial), Chirag Jaladi (@chiragkpop), Ryuxin (@ryuxinintheroses), Mayank (@mayankthatsall) and the Ddaeng crew (@ddaeng_crew).

The performers lit the stage on fire with their amazing vocals and moves on different hits like Boy with love by BTS, Attention by NewJeans, Pink Venom by Blackpink, Thunderous by Straykids, BTBT by B.I, Ddaeng by BTS, Darari by Treasure, Pass the Mic by Enhypen, Love shot by EXO, Cheers by Seventeen and Daechwita by Suga.

Following the performances, there was cake cutting where everyone showed their love for Bangtan Sonyeondan saying the fanchant aloud! It was surely a moment to capture! Next, it was time for some mouthwatering food! Bang Tan Shefs provided us with authentic Korean cuisines like Kimchi Fried rice, Veg Ban Ban, Noodle Soup, and also Desserts like Doughnut, Milk Tea (Boba Tea).

Lastly, we had a K-Pop Flashmob! Every K-pop fan has this dream of attending a party with only K-Pop music! This was the moment when everyone enjoyed dancing to their favourite K-pop songs with amazing K-poppers with them! Here’s an excerpt shared by them about their experience, read ahead to know more:

Ddaeng crew

We would first like to thank the organisers, Bang Tan Shefs, for inviting us to perform at Korean Affair 2.0. The event was amazing and we enjoyed it to the last bit. The event had K-pop songs mix played by DJ Shubhu, various stores selling K-pop merchandise, Korean food and stunning performances but what struck us the most was the heartwarming purpose of donating and helping the organization that took care of blind children. The message of giving and sharing with the community has been promoted by kpop idols and being in this fandom, we feel happy to take and be a part of the notion.


The event was an absolute blast; very well organized and super fun. It was really exciting to see many people cheering for my performance as well, the audience was super hyped! Looking forward to attending more such events in future!

Riddhi mentioned that she enjoyed the event because of the audience and their amazing energy throughout their performances.


Hello everyone, RyuXin this side! For me, the event was honestly amazing, I felt great energy and a matching vibe coming from everyone the whole time!! And performing there was one of the best parts for me. I appreciate how everyone hyped me up and cheered for me while I was performing. I was able to feel the energy coming from them all and this motivated me a lot to keep going with my rapping career. Also, it was such an amazing experience to watch other performers killing it with their amazing performances. As we all know kpop fans are always lit and always bring out the enthusiasm in each other. The event was very well organized and I didn’t feel anything was missing. I thank the organizer for having me! This was absolutely an amazing event and I wish them good luck in organizing the next event and keep giving people the best experience of their lives! Thank you.


Korean Affair 2.0 happened to be my first official performing event. I was nervous but then the management and the crowd had just killed my nervousness and made the environment so enjoyable that nothing could beat it. I honestly got emotional at a point where I didn’t feel judged amongst people but felt loved and embraced by all. The radiated energy pumped me to give my best performance and hence we all did! Also I got to know about so many fellow dancers and admirers that I was overwhelmed. I am so glad and thankful for everything.


The decor, the vibe, the environment, the food and the arrangement was on point and kudos to Bang Tan Shefs for handling everything with such professionalism. The best part of the event for me was the performances. I was overwhelmed by the response I received, we truly have one of the most supportive crowds! Korean affair 2.0 was indeed a very memorable experience for me all together!

Everyone enjoyed the Korean Affair and we are sure it has become a sweet memory for them. We would like to thank Bang Tan Shefs for hosting the event and lifting our ARMY’s spirits and for inviting Hallyuism team members as well. We all look forward to many more events as such in the future too.

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  1. suhasini17 says:

    Thankyou Bangtanshefs for organizing this amazing event and hallyuism for letting me pen down about this magical dayy!! Met some amazing new people and had some amazing new experiences !! So wanna relive this dayyyy T.T

  2. Tahoora Charfare says:

    Amazing amazing event, had the time of my life. And All for a good cause, hats off to Bangtanshefs Restaurant💜💜💜💜

    1. Moumita Mondal says:

      Wow the event looks so much fun and interesting too hope those who joined had good time with each other. I wish they’ll do that type of event in kolkata too so that I can join and spend my time with kpop friends 🥰💜

  3. Tirna says:

    This is such a great event, I wish I could attend it myself. The donation made to the blind school is in sync with how every BTS artist has also donated generously to charity organizations and for humanity. The performances must have been amazing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems so amazing!!😍💜

  5. Ayushi Saxena says:

    Amazed to know about the selflessness the team of Bang Tan Shef’s Team displayed in organising this event 👏 donating all the profits from the event to social causes and back to the society 👏😭💜 Setting a good example in the fan community. From the article itself i can sense how much fun the day would have been for everybody 💜🫂

  6. Anamika says:

    Waiting for such event in Delhi!!!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍

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    Wow the event looks so amazing …wish I could attend it … Next time surely will try 🙂

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    This event looks so good. I wish I was in Mumbai to attend this event but nevertheless this article is so good that I’m able to virtually feel the event 💜

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    Amazing event, I hope they organize this kind of event in Kolkata too💜.

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    Wow! The event must have been fun! Just by reading the article I can feel the excitement~! In addition the donation for a good cause made this event more special. Kudos to Bangtanshefs and team for organizing such an amazing event. 💜

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    Looking so exciting 🤩 how much I wish I could attend

  12. It’s so heartwarming to know that along with all the fun, this event supported such a great cause🥺♥️ It would have been such a wonderful experience 💕

  13. Ayushi says:

    Firstly I am very happy to read about such amazing event.💜 Hope this type of events also takes place in Lucknow 🤧so that I can also attend. The event seems so exciting and interesting. I believe the article justify the excitement that the people have experienced.✨🦋💜

  14. Akshara Tyagi says:

    Thank you for these type of events as they really make us feel like we are a part of this amazing community. Waiting for more events in Delhi!

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      I can feel the enthusiasm of this event just reading the article, I hope in future I’ll be able to attend such kind of events in Delhi.

  15. Sonali says:

    BTS have proven that they are not only artists but also a great humans.
    The event seems so amazing hoping to attend these kinds of events in future.

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    I really wish I could go there🥲🥲 please hold one in Delhi also for Army’s here. And I really thankful for BTS because they changed my life.

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    Amazing! That’s so great to know!!!!

  18. The event seems so fun and exciting! I wish it happens in my city too. Also I’m amazed to see their selflessness how they are contributing for a good cause, this step makes the events more special and heartwarming. Thank you Bang Tan Shefs for organizing such events 💕💕. Much respect! ❤️

  19. anishanath says:

    So amazing, you guys had a lot of fun it seems. So many performances, everyone enjoyed so much. Nice to see all of you enjoying the event.

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