K-Drama Review: Lawless Lawyer

Andrea Fernandez, Kollam, Kerala

Who doesn’t like Lee Joon-gi? And if you are a K-Drama lover or are new to the drama world then Lawless lawyer is the perfect Joon-ki drama to watch. I absolutely loved watching this drama. It is an action-mystery drama that narrates the story of a lawyer who takes revenge against the people who harmed him and his family when he was a kid.

Cast and Plot

The lead role is played by Lee Joon-gi as “Bong Sang-pil” and the female lead role is played by Seo Ye-ji as “Ha Jae-yi”. Bong Sang-pil is a gangster lawyer, who uses his fist and law when things get in his way. When Bong Sang-pil was a child he witnessed his mother’s death, from then on his uncle who was a gangster took care of him, educated him and also trained him to fight. Bong Sang-pil became a lawyer to get justice for his mother and also to fight against the people who had absolute power and those who took advantage of others. There is a lot of action going around but the comic timing is absolutely amazing to. The humour and comedy in between from a serious theme makes it more interesting drama.

After his mother’s death, Bong Sang-pil stayed away from his home town with his uncle and he said he would return when the time was right to capture and get revenge on those people who were involved in the injustice done to his mother. Bong Sang-pil decides to go back to his home town and his mother who too was a lawyer and had a law firm, Bong Sang-pil buys the same law firm which later became a loan shark business and converts it into his own law firm with a help of few gangsters.Jae-yi is a lawyer who had been working in court and is a person who speaks against the injustice done after she was suspended for assaulting a judge, she had to leave and come to her hometown where her father owned a studio. The courtroom scene is a must watch!

Ha Jae-yi’s mother was a photographer who also went missing on the same day when Bong Sang- pil’s mother was killed. Both Ha Jae-yi and Bong Sang-pil’s mothers were friends and Ha Jae-yi’s mother had witnessed a murder and reported it to Bong Sang-pil’s mother who was a lawyer which lead to the turning of events. When Ha Jae-yi returns to her hometown, Bong Sang-pil approaches Ha Jae-yi and offers her a position in his law firm. Cha Moon-sook is a corrupt judge who supports injustice and pretends to be a good person in public but had another mask behind her and she was the top authority in the court and she had a group of corrupt people in high positions who helped her to become more powerful. Cha Moon-sook had a great influence on the people where everyone trusted her.

Ha Jae-yi considered Cha Moon-sook as her mother and trusted her but she was not the person Ha Jae-yi thought she was. Another villain in the drama is Ahn Oh-joo who was a gangster before but with the help of Cha Moon-sook, he becomes the boss of a large corporation and gains wealth and alongside he continues his work as a gangster for Cha Moon-sook.

After Ha Jae-yi learns about the true character of Cha Moon-sook, she decides to partner along with Bong Sang-pil and her trust in him increases and both of them realise that the incidents had some connection to Cha Moon-sook. Both Ha Jae-yi and Bong Sang-pil along with a group of trustful gangsters decided to stand together and also fight for justice for their mothers and also bring the true colours of Cha Moon-sook to the public.

Bong Sang-pil uses his fists, while Ha Jae-yi uses her brain to fight against the criminals and both of them end up falling for each other, where they care for and support each other in tough times and unpredicted turn of events occur in the drama.

Why you should watch?

I really enjoyed watching the drama because Lee Joon-gi’s actions were just awesome and since he was familiar with martial arts the drama was so complete with his action scenes. Seo Ye-ji also played her role so well she acted the role of a badass female lawyer and her boldness could be seen in this drama too. Both Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji really had great chemistry between them which can be seen in the drama, both of them were like a badass couple who were ready for action. It’s a drama worth watching.

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  1. Jubby Kumar says:

    This K-drama is so good.I have watched it. Good job.
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    Korean dramas are different and even more unique when they deal with thrill or crime. I have heard of this drama and will watch it.

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    I didn’t watch this drama yet but reading about the story makes me watch it now thanks a lot for this recommendation😍❤

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    Thankyou for recommending this drama, i will watch this soon

  5. This has been in my watch list for so long now😭 I really need to watch this soon

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    I will definitely watch this drama
    Seems so interesting

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    Yall want some thrilling law drama, go watch it !!! Best story with rom com mixture 🥺🥺🦋🦋🦋🤣🤣🤣

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    Thanks for recommending this drama 💖

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    I am very much interested in watching this drama. Because the story and plot is just amazing. And Lee Joongi and Seo Yeji’s acting skills just become even more powerful in this drama. Thank you for this article. 🥺❤️

  12. The strength of this drams lies on the character portrayal of the villains. It’s rare to find a drama that focuses important emphasis equally on both main and antagonists. So eloquently written.

  13. One of my fav Law drama starring Lee Joon gi

  14. anishanath says:

    I always love dramas related to law because I get to know so much about their law system and when there is Lee Joongi and Seo Yeaji, its amust watch for me.

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