Why you should watch ‘Melting Me Softly’

Andrea Fernandez, Kollam, Kerala

‘Melting Me Softly’ is a romantic comedy and sci-fi-based drama, where the male lead role is played by Ji Chang-wook as Ma Dong-chan and the female lead is played by Won Jin-ah as Go Mi-ran. Ma Dong-chan is a PD at a broadcasting station and he is the kind of person who wants to create something different from others, that is, creating programs that are unique and involve high risk. Go Mi-ran is a struggling working student who works different part-time jobs and starts to participate in various programs where she is always the leading participant at the same broadcasting station as Dong-chan. One day, Ma Dong-chan decides to do a “Frozen Human” project for his program, and Ma Dong-chan and Go Mi-ran become participants in the experiment.

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At first, Go Mi-ran does not agree to participate in the experiment because she was afraid that something might go wrong but she agrees to participate as Ma Dong-chan promises her that this experiment would act as a key to curing disabilities. So, Mi-ran decides to participate with the hope that the experiment would help to cure her brother which allows us to understand her complex character even more! Unexpected events lead both of them to stay in the capsule, stuck for almost 20 years, frozen and the outside world including their family reported them as missing. The failure of the experiment was kept a secret from the public.

When they woke up, it was not the same world as before the experiment. 20 years had passed by and both of them looked the same, as if they didn’t age. Everyone around them was shocked to see them so young when they were also changed. Go Mi-ran’s family had become wealthy and she was surprised to see her younger brother had grown up and her family was in a good condition than when she had left. Ma Dong-chan’s family had become poor and he also found out that his father had passed away while he was stuck in the capsule which was devastating to watch. (Ji Chang-wook’s acting is just immaculate!)

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The show focuses on Mi-ran and Dong-chan’s relationship but also deals with things they missed while being in the capsule for so long. It shows how both of them try to get their youth and opportunities back. Ma Dong-chan starts to work again in the same broadcasting station where he deals with past relationships and hard decisions. He keeps failing because his ideas are already a thing of the past! Go Mi-ran also starts working at the station where slowly both of them fall for each other while they try to cope with the modern world. But the story does not end here! It also tackles with the repercussions of the experiment. Both of them have tremendous side effects of the experiment which involves keeping their body temperature lower than normal because of the frozen capsule they were living in for 20 years or their lives could be at risk. Many unexpected twists and turns of events occur in the drama which makes it highly enjoyable to watch!

I personally enjoyed watching the drama, especially the chemistry between Ji Chang-wook and Won Jin-ah’s characters was amazing and their cute romance melted my heart. I really liked how both trusted and waited for each other and how they dealt with all the hardships together. How both of them protect each other from danger and how Ma Dong-chan gets jealous (very cutely, I might add!) when Go Mi-ran’s past lover’s son falls in love with her. (I mean how can you not fall for the cute Mi-ran!) I also loved their office romance. It is a kind of drama which is sure to be well-liked as our favorite genres, comedy, sci-fi and cute ‘K-dramaesque’ romance are part of it and of course, the beautiful and talented actors in the drama are just a cherry on top!

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Have you watched the drama yet? What did you like best about the K-drama? What is your hashtag favorite moment between the main leads? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. I haven’t watched this drama yet but this concept sounds so interesting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, will surely watch this drama

  3. unnati bilwal says:

    Haven’t watched this drama yet but will watch it soon😊

  4. Deepshikha Sinha says:

    Ji Chang wook is my favorite k-drama actor.. I’ve watched almost all of his drama and this one too.. He is the best! 😍😍😍

  5. mondalmoumita031 says:

    I heard it long ago but didn’t watch it but now I guess i have to watch it bcz the story line is awesome😍

  6. DJ says:

    Thankyou for recommending this drama 💜💜💜

  7. Sonali Singh says:

    This drama has already in my watching list, Thanks for the review,now I can’t wait to see this

  8. Mamoni says:

    One of my favourite rom-com drama❤

  9. One of the comical & soapy dramas ever. Love this show as the story is interesting and intriguing enough to keep me going.

  10. anishanath says:

    Ji Chang Wook is one of my favourite actors and this drama is on my list from a long time now but I did not have much idea about the drama , thanks to this article I know how beautiful the drama is and very soon I am going to watch it.

  11. Julie Upshur says:

    You had me at Ji Chang-Wook. I have to add this to my watchlist!

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