K-Song Review: Rollin’ by Brave Girls

Khushi Sharma, New Delhi

Girl crush and summer concepts are the heart of the K-pop music industry! One of the summer songs that will make you smile and dance out of happiness immediately with its beats and freshness is Rollin’ by Brave Girls. The song was released in the year 2017 as a track from their fourth mini album titled ‘Rollin.’ The song became one of the great hits of the year 2021, as surprisingly after four years of being released Rollin started topping charts again. It ranked number 1 on Gaon charts (South Korea), number 1 on K-pop Hot 100 (South Korea), and number 16 in US World Digital Songs (Billboard) in 2021, that too without any promotions. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s say, thanks to the Korean military who made people watch and listen to the song once more and fall in love with it all over again.

The song is labeled under Brave Entertainment and CJ E&M. It is produced by well-known producers Brave brothers, Two Champs, Chakun, JS, and Maboos. It was originally sung by five members back in the year 2017 including Hayun who left the group due to health issues in the year 2019. Hence the rearranged version of the song was also released in 2018 with a new lineup and unfortunately excluding the member Hayun. It included four members which are Yujeong, Eunji, Yuna, and Minyoung. The lyrics of the song are so natural in the rhythm that once you hear the song the only thing you will see will be a replay button and you will end up pressing it repeatedly. Only after a few listens it seems like you know the song lyric by lyric.

Video Credits: 1theK

The song is about falling in love and not being able to control anything else rather than just being happy and excited about it. The song is full of jolly vibes and gives you refreshing, and beautiful pastel vibes every time you listen to it. Voices of all the members are best suited to the bracing music and lyrics including the twist of snaps in the verses of the song. Each member’s voice is highlighted by its own attribute that sounded extraordinary with the vibe that the song radiates. As if it was meant to be sung by Brave girls only!

Video Credits: Mnet TV

This song is one of those evergreen hits that everyone in the country loves and knows the dance as well. The performance video of Brave girls posted by a channel called ‘viditor’ on YouTube made the Korean military revisit the times when Brave girls performed for them following the Korean tradition. The comments under the performance perfectly express the amount of love they have for this song and how it made a comfortable space for them during their military enlistment and their hard times. Some of the comments were “those who served in the military since 2015 must have watched their performances a million times. Honestly the song itself is really great.” “I still remember my senior danced that dance on the table in the barrack.” “The song made me survive through my military service.” This song saved my days when I served in the military there is something in this song that makes you strong.” All these comments made the song viral and at last a trend in Korea. People watched it thousand times and eventually  ‘Rollin’ and ‘Brave Girls’ made it to top the search engines on Naver.

One of the main key features of the song is its unique choreography which makes it stand out from all the other summer bops. Many K-pop groups have used props like chairs, couches, microphones, and whatnot in their choreography but only Brave girls have a dance with stools. Their talent of balancing as well as body controlling with amazing singing is something that is very mesmerizing to watch with their serene visuals. The song is so versatile to present that it can be performed in any concept from pastels to black elegant outfits and it will be fitting in with every concept effortlessly.

Video Credits: Brave Entertainment

We can see the different stages that Brave Girls performed and how diverse the vibe of each performance is. The song was loved by many K-pop idols themselves including Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation. She mentioned this during her social media live that “I have always loved the song.” She playfully scolded everyone for not noticing it earlier. With it, we have come to an end of the article which concludes that if you love summer songs with refreshing vibes you should definitely listen to ‘Rollin’ by Brave Girls.  Happy listening!

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  10. Rollin’ was destined to be a smash hit. Be that the addictive electronic beat to the crisp vocal melodies sprinkled throughout the track, there’s atleast one part of the track that is bound to get stuck in your head.

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  13. This song is addictive!!

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