K-Drama Review: The Secret Life of My Secretary

Meghana Jayaraj, Kolkata, West Bengal

Unlike stereotypical romantic dramas, this show has shown the reality where a love story is packed with full of twists and turns. ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ can make you go gaga over the sweet couples where we come across a cold chief executive of TNT company, Do Min-ik and his secretary, Jung Gal-hee who always clings to him no matter what.

Cast and Plot

The drama consists of 32 episodes. The main stars are  Kim Young-kwang as Do Min-ik,  Jin Ki-joo as Jung Gal-hee,  Kim Jae-kyung as Veronica Park, and Koo Ja-sung as Ki Dae-joo . ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ turns out to be an office rom-com between a cold boss and his secretary which will mesmerize all the viewers.

The shooting of the drama has taken place mostly within the office premises showing the bond between the boss and secretary and other workers. Do Min-ik is quite intelligent but a cold-hearted boss with a sharp memory who knows everything by looking at people’s faces but always needs his secretary by his side. He always fails to show his sweet side because of trust issues. Unfortunately, he encounters a murder scene and he fails to recognize people after that.

Jin Gal-hee is Do Min-ik’s short-tempered secretary, who is dedicated to being an ideal secretary for her boss, while on the other hand, he fires her out of nowhere. But luckily she was the one who encounters the murder scene of her boss and tries to help him out as he can’t recognise the faces. Unsure about who is his friend and who is his enemy, his job got easier when Jung Gal-hee started helping him by again being his secretary. 

Ki Dae-joo, who is the childhood best friend of Do Min-ik working under the same company,  knows all the secrets about him but ends up losing his trust due to some misunderstandings. While trying to solve the mystery behind the attempt to murder, Ki Dae-joo, who is completely clueless about the happenings around him, gets falsely accused.

In between all this chaos, we get to see a new character. Kim Jae-kyung as Veronica Park, the spoiled, wealthy CEO of a film production company. She has a messed-up personal life but her confidence and her extraordinary aura gives a unique twist making the plot more interesting.

While all these unwanted events were happening around Jung Gal-hee (secretary) unintentionally pretends to be someone else (Veronica Park the President of Cinepark) in front of her boss on a special occasion leading to more chaos and trap that Jung Gal-hee created. In the meanwhile, Do Min-ik falls into a confused love triangle with his secretary as well as the disguised woman whom he met on the special occasion. Soon after fitting the right pieces to complete the puzzle, all of them come to know the reality making way clearer by solving all the misunderstandings.

Video Credits: KOKOWA TV

Why You Should Watch?

With the typical setting and plot, this drama shows both harsh as well as sweet side, like what happens inside the business world, how people struggle and try to snatch away positions by harming others, and how an unexpected event can change your life completely.

In my opinion, this show will make you amazed with all kinds of feeling while going through every episode. It never made me lose my grip. Each character has something to deliver and they did justice to their role. The character that stood out in the show was Veronica Park. I am completely in love with the character.

Video Credits: KOKOWA TV

If you are the one who enjoys Romance plus comedy then this drama is highly recommended for you as you will surely get mesmerized by the amazing plot drawn by the director.

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  1. Jubby Kumar says:

    Interesting ☺️
    I will watch it.

  2. Honestly I like realistic dramas. But when reality is already hard to deal with this drama will make ur heart at ease. Just so soothing heartwarming to watch.

  3. I enjoy dramas with a cold lead 😅 So gonna check this out.

  4. Archana Goswami says:

    I enjoyed watching this drama so much😍

  5. This is one of my fav rom-com drama! No one can ever forget this cute cast and legendary veronica park

  6. anishanath says:

    Haven’t watched this, surely gonna watch it after reading this article, thank you for writing this review.

  7. ThatMoleGirl says:

    This is one of my fav rom-com drama! No one can ever forget this cute cast and legendary veronica park. Lovely Review. ❤️❤️

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