Spring Festivals in South Korea

Meghana Jayaraj, Kolkata, West Bengal

Captivatingly, it wouldn’t be wrong to address spring as a season of rebirth and renewal. Given how for spring we all have our distinct portrayals. We imagine our mother earth in full bloom, fragrance in the air, butterflies dancing, chirping birds, refreshing greens and a warm yet gentle sun. Spring adds to the wonder of mother nature.  Did you ever wonder what it’s like in South Korea when spring arrives there? South Korea has Spring Festivals dedicated to the blooming season, and it brings an exquisite change together with it.

In South Korea, April is the month of spring and is seen as the best time to visit and enjoy the spring breeze. Therefore this is the time when you will get to see plenty of travellers admiring the colourful blooming flowers everywhere. This season in South Korea is a stunning reminder of how beautiful a change can truly be.

3 Spring Festivals you need to experience:

Cherry blossoms are symbolic of spring which means “the time of renewal”. The Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival in South Korea is one of the most famous and largest cherry blossom festivals in Jinhae. You can get a glimpse of pink flowers blooming out making the cherry trees resplendent. You would get to embrace thousands of flowers dancing together with the breeze making the visuals more mesmerizing.

Wonmisan Mountain Azalea Festival is held in mid of April at Wonmisan mountain. You may be spellbound by the view of the mountain covered with pink azalea flowers. Being able to see the real beauty of the earth covered with pink flowers is the preeminent real-life experience.

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The Icheon Sansuyu Festival is the spring festival in Korea with yellow flowers. It’s a great spot to see the beauty of sansuyu flowers in the spring as the village gets covered in yellow. During the festival, varieties of events and programs are offered to the visitors. People get to try the foods and drinks made with sansuyu.

Why is it important?

Spring festival is significant because spring describes the birth or renewal making the environment pristine and it’s also compelling by adding a festive surrounding that makes it livelier. Who doesn’t love festivals? Especially when it’s the festival of nature! Spring festivals give more importance to those pretty trees showing off those beautiful flowers making the city divine. People tend to spend some quality time with their families by roaming around the streets. This festival shows one’s love and affection towards nature. They organize various events in which people usually participate. For the one who hasn’t yet experienced spring, this will be new to them, making them more curious about this festival which people grandly celebrates. The ones who are experiencing the festival for the first time will be very observant, and attentive and will be too excited to enjoy the new aura.

What do people usually do during the Spring festival?

During the festival, the folks usually roam around the city with their friends and family. This is the time when a family goes out for a small picnic bringing out their homemade food. We get to see people taking lots of selfies as well as clicking pictures of the surrounding. They usually get to comprehend and enjoy fireworks, cultural street performances, and drawing exhibitions. People try various dishes as well as buy seasonal spring merchandise which is adorable!

What is the speciality of this festival?

How to even find the specific reasons to explain the speciality when the whole spring gives you fantabulous festive vibes!! It is admirable how we see more and more people being happy with their loved ones, small children playing around, some clicking outstanding pictures while some simply walk by adoring the beauty of nature while intertwining hands with their loved ones. You can enjoy this festival all day and night! Well, who doesn’t love nature covered with beautiful colourful flowers? It looks more pretty at night when it is decorated with lighting!

Tell us your favourite spring festival of South Korea?

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