5 Reasons to go gaga over Park Seo-jun!

Meghana Jayaraj, Kolkata, West Bengal

Park Seo-jun is one of the best Korean actors who completely swiped off the entire audience with his charms and acting skills. His charm and smile can make anyone go gaga over him and make everyone fall in love with him. Yes! I am one of them. I have been a very big fan of his since I saw him in the lead role in one of the K-Dramas named What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Through his outstanding acting skills, he gives amazing vibes to each role played in drama or movies and mesmerizes each and every one.

There are 5 compelling reasons which will lead you to know why we all adore him the most;

1. His Warm Personality

Park Seo-jun is known in the industry for being friendly and warm with other cast members and the staff he has worked with. His warm personality is always a plus point for anyone to adore him the most. His outgoing nature with his fans makes him even more amazing. His positive aura had a great influence,  as he celebrated his 9th anniversary (August 12) by donating 3,450,060 won on his behalf to the deaf-blind community in Korea. The donations are used to support people who have hearing and visual problems from low-income households. Being a successful famous actor he never fails to show his humbleness,  eventually astounding people.

2. His Versatility as an Actor

Park Seo-jun never fails to show his incredible acting skills. From being goofy and playful to serious, he easily adapts and explores all the characters accordingly. He is one of the versatile actors who easily gel in according to the role. He has already set his foot in different genres. He has experimented with his roles whether being goofy and playful like in Fight For My Way, to serious roles like in Itaewon Class or horrors like The Divine Fury or historical drama like Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth to Rom-Com like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? He has already nailed them all. He brought all the characters he has played to life and made us feel them with his performance. One of my favourites is Fight For My Way where Seo-jun starts acting cutely making all the viewers go crazy. All the dramas casting Park Seo-jun consist of one or other inspirational messages which surely inspire us. He is been awarded various awards including  Best Fashion in TV – She Was Pretty in Fashionista Awards as well as Fabulous Award and Best Star Award for Fight For My Way. He has that dedication and passion for everything he does. He has the courage to take a variety of genres and work hard on them. He is not just acting but is pouring his heart and everything thereon!

3. His Unique Talents

In addition to acting, modelling, and serving as an MC, he can also sing, which is why he has recorded several songs for the OST for a few dramas! Except for Korean being his native language, he can also speak Spanish language, although he admits that he can understand it better than speaking it. He even has a successful Youtube channel which has one million subscribers. He posts a lot of videos, from which one of my favourites is him being with a cute little pet dog named Simba. He has an adorable bonding with his pet which will surely leave you in awe.

Video Credits: 박서준 Record PARK’s

4. Amazing Fashion Sense

The way he presents himself clearly shows that he is one of the amazing visuals in the K-Drama world! We can see his confident personality through his dressing sense; most of his appearance is in casual clothes. He posts his pictures on his Instagram account. He aces in each and every casual outfit without much effort.

5. Photogenic

He is very photogenic. He has those features like a perfect body with a perfect smile, overall a handsome photogenic face! He emits his very own aura when he is being photographed making the pictures more attractive. He never fails to surprise his fans by presenting the best of him in different poses.

Well, Park Seo-jun never fails to amaze us!

What are your reasons to love Park Seo-jun? What is your favourite K-Drama of his? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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  1. Park Seo-jun is one of the most versatile, talented, handsome and sought out actor in South Korea. For me, Itaewon Class’ is by far one of the best dramas of Park Seo-jun.

  2. Wow, I have watched his dramas and he really is charming!

    1. Hema Srinivasan says:

      Park seo Jun is one of a masterpiece.He is versatile.I have seen almost all of his dreams..He is incredible and this article very well described him.. Kudos….👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    2. assisarah10 says:

      Thank you for this article about Park Seo Joon…. He is one of my favourite actor…. His aura!!! Wowwwww

  3. Moumita Mondal says:

    Park seo-jun, the name itself holds such a power. He’s not only a great actor but also a model and a singer. His acting skill attracts me all the time. What’s wrong with secretary Kim , is the 1st drama of him I watched and then itaewon class and fight for my way were another two dramas I liked the most. Waiting to watch his upcoming films now.♥️

  4. DJ says:


    1. Tirna says:

      Park Seojoon is an amazing actor with good looks and an interesting personality ❤.

  5. Love this article🤭♥️ Park Seo-jun is such a gem✨ My fav drama would be What’s Wrong with secretary Kim❤️

    1. Anjum shaikh says:

      He is one of the best actor,

  6. Mamoni says:

    One of my favourite k-actor is Park Seo-jun❤ Fight for my way was the 1st drama of his I watched and is still my favourite one. I also watched his others dramas like what’s wrong with secretary kim, itaewon class and hwarang. Thanks to the article I got to know about his personality and his talent as well❤✨

  7. Tirna says:

    Park Seojoon has very versatile career
    I loved how hia talents and dramas are mentioned in this article. He has amazing chemistry with his co stars. ❤❤ great article.

  8. anishanath says:

    The title of this article is just so true, we go Gaga over him. I have watched almost all his dramas and movies and he was just amazing in all of them. He is a great actor and also very talented. This article is very well written.

  9. He is such an amazing & charming actor. I really enjoy watching his works

  10. Rahana says:

    Park seojoon he is my fav actor. It’s so true we go ga ga over him and nice article💜

  11. Sonia says:

    Love this article❤ he is such an amazing actor.

    1. Asma Pandey says:

      Asma Pandey- lovely 🌹

  12. Susmita says:

    너무 잘생겼어

  13. Sanchita Ambasta says:


  14. sheetal says:


  15. He’s my favourite. There’s not a single thing that I don’t like about Park Seo Joon. This man has my ❤️

  16. Sruthi E P says:

    Amazing 🤩

  17. I really love all his works! His acting is just so good that he always makes me fall in love with his character💗

  18. Shilpa says:

    One of my fav Handsome oppa💜😸
    I love his personality, acting, fashion sense ,cute face and smile

  19. Devanshi Bisht says:


  20. aqsazea12 says:

    Amazingly written article. You sure did highlight some of his best aspects!

  21. Gangavathi S says:

    He is such an all rounder. He is really a sweet human bean. His acting versatility is really good. Looking forward to his upcoming dramas and works.

  22. Aayushi mishra says:

    Park seo joon is one the most versatile and best actors out there!!

  23. Janakavi says:

    Park seo Jun is one of favourite actor

  24. Samiya Parvez says:

    More reasons to have a crush on this guy 😍

  25. Navya Sharma says:

    Most versatile actor for sure😍😍

  26. rynwrsi says:

    Loved this article

  27. Pranjul Sharma says:

    Park Seo Jun is really versatile personality with loads of humbleness. ❤️

  28. Favorite actor

  29. another reason I like him because we both share the same Birth month.. December.. and he’s one year older to me.. so i can definitely call him oppa…

  30. priyadharsini2884 says:

    Park seojun is one of my favourite actor in the kdrama world i was introduced to his dramas through the drama Hwarang his sincerity and hardwork in his works and his good soul made me a fan of him wishing him good luck for his future works 💓

  31. Sabitri Manna says:

    Waiting for more dramas to watch 🤭

  32. Malika says:

    He’s very talented and charming actor, I have seen his many dramas and I am in love with them.

  33. Radha Choudhary says:

    Mr. Park seojun is really a great and versatile actor.. o love his shows .😍😍

  34. svt says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the article highlighting the captivating charm of Park Seo-jun! The five reasons presented truly capture his magnetic presence on-screen and off. His talent and charisma have indeed made him a standout figure in the entertainment world. Kudos to the writer for shedding light on what makes Park Seo-jun so irresistible to fans around the globe!

  35. Jayati Vyas says:

    One of the best actors ever

  36. Jayati Vyas says:

    One of the best actors ever!

  37. areezasaifi1 says:

    I am mesmerized by his looks and his versatile acting……The best actor ever.

  38. Neha Tarekar says:

    I also got to knew about him from What’s wrong with secretary Kim? He’s charming 🥰

  39. dasbandita288 says:

    0ne of the best actor

  40. Asma Pandey says:

    Lovely 😍

  41. Ashi says:


  42. rbindx says:

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