Bupyeong Kkangtong Market and a List of Lip-Smacking Street Food

Amratha CS, New Delhi

Markets have always been a source of income for people in any country, no matter which community they belong to, and South Korea isn’t an exception. South Korea’s markets have also been a means of livelihood for many locals, and now that the Korean wave is spreading rapidly all around the world, these markets have started turning into famous tourist destinations for local as well as international visitors, through which they get to know local Korean food and the modern take on it while experiencing language and culture through the interaction with ordinary Koreans.

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To start with, Bupyeong Kkangtong Market (부평 깡통 시장) is located in Busan; to be more precise, it is situated at 39 Bupyeong 1-gil, Bupyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Busan. Kkangtong (깡통) means ‘tin can’ in Korean, and this market got this funny yet peculiar name because it sold different types of canned goods from the USA for the US forces working in Korea while the Korean War took place. Back in the 1890s, this market was one of the most popular to sell a variety of items from almost anywhere in the world.

At first, it was named Bupyeong Crossroads Market for its huge layout and location. In later years, as mentioned earlier, it was referred to as Bupyeong Kkangtong Market. Its popularity then started attracting many dealers and distributors to expand their brands.

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In 2013, this market established a night market, and it also underwent a great renovation to make it much cleaner, more functional, and less complex, making visiting this area much easier for anyone. The market now also has a division into different complexes for shopping and food.

Once you cross Bupyeong Markets’ road, there is also another famous market named Gukje Market (국제시장). Bupyeong Kkangtong Market has a variety of food to offer, including not only traditional Korean food but almost anything you might crave at a street food market hunt.

If you are wondering how and when to reach there and what famous food you must give a try, I have got you covered. Around 7:30 p.m. would be the perfect time to reach it, and you will have to hop on Busan Subway Line 1, Jagalchi Station. Once you reach there is gate no. 3 and 5, you can exit from either of the two gates to reach the market. Now let’s look at what to eat there as a must-eat.

Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

As most of you know, it is a popular Korean street food made of delicate yet chewy rice cakes made in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Eomuk (어묵)

These are fish cakes that are made of Cuttlefish or Corvina. It is mostly provided with a fish broth to dip it in and make it moist while you eat it.

Hotteok (호떡)

It is a Korean take on pancakes that are filled with grated peanuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon. This one must be eaten hot, is the size of a doughnut, and is sold at almost any street cart throughout South Korea.

Tangsuyuk (탕수육)

It is the Korean version of a Chinese dish and is a sweet and sour meat dish. It can be made with pork or beef. The sweet-and-sour taste comes from a sauce made of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, corn or potato starch, as well as fruits and vegetables.

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Assorted tempura (모듬튀김)

It uses three or more different ingredients, usually sliced or cut into thin strips or chopped roughly and deep fried. Mostly, you will find fried shrimp, fried chilli peppers, and fried seaweed rolls.

Takoyaki (타코야키)

It is a Japanese food that is made of sliced octopus, green onions, and cabbage. It is baked into a circle and then coated with sauce. Now it is also a Korean street food delicacy.

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Honeycomb waffle (생크림벌집와플)

It is a Hong Kong-style egg waffle filled with real honeycomb and whipped cream, and seasonal fruits make it the perfect dessert after a long eating marathon in the whole market.

Unlike the Busan snacks in our imaginations, the night market vendors in the Bupyeong Can Market have racked their brains into new tricks to attract everyone to consume them. Just seeing these vendors can’t help but make you hungry.

Picture Credits: Amratha CS

Head to Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, where there are plenty of snacks and Korean food until dawn. If you want to eat all you want, come to the alley prepared with all kinds of food!

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