K-Interview: Dr. Dwijisha Katkar, Author of Butterflies and Peppermint

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In a world where specialisation often defines our paths, it is rare to come across someone who defies the boundaries of conventional labels. Meet Dr. Dwijisha Katkar, who effortlessly weaves together different realms as a writer, doctor, poet, entrepreneur, and singer; embodying the epitome of versatility, seamlessly transitioning between these diverse fields with an unwavering passion and undeniable talent. As a writer, she has a unique ability to captivate readers with her words. Through her written expressions and evocative poetry, in her latest release; “Butterflies and Peppermint,” Dr. Dwijisha attempts to transport readers to new worlds, evoke deep emotions, and challenge the boundaries of imagination and strengths within.

All Picture Credits and Copyrights belong to: Dr. Dwijisha Katkar

In her words, “I wanted it to be a relaxing yet stimulating read. This book is more about the self than the outside world. it explores our various moods; the good, the bad and the ugly. Reminding us that we are beautiful in all of it and telling us that it is okay to feel whatever you are feeling. I’ve written the poetry as it came and enfolded itself in my life. And have structured the book in a way so that people can relate to themselves and their emotions. It doesn’t have a fixed approach to it, because that is exactly how life is. I really wanted to include paintings and sketches this time, because colour adds a lot of depth and beauty to this entire project. I sincerely hope you love it, me and the artists have worked hard to deliver something; that reminds you of a simpler time, and becomes your friend.”

At Hallyuism, we had the opportunity to interact with her to celebrate the launch of her book and talk about her writing journey, excerpts of which are shared in this interview with her:

Please share a brief introduction about yourself with our readers. 

I always find this question so difficult to answer. But here goes anyway.. I’m a doctor, singer, poet and just a human trying to do her best at living life. It gets weird sometimes.

What is your inspiration behind your book “Butterflies and Peppermint”? 

My primary inspiration behind my book is other works of art, people and experiences. I’ve included paintings alongside my poems for the very same reason.

How long did it take you to finish writing this collection? Was the process of gathering your thoughts in a poem came easy to you or was it more of a breakthrough? Please give a walkthrough of your writing journey so far.

It took around 6 months to compile everything. My writing comes in bursts, it ebbs and flows, so there are days when I will write 10 poems and other days when I will write just one or none at all. The whole process of writing a book is like being taken over by a premise, and until you fulfil it, and have the book in your hands; there’s no peace.

The title alone, makes us feel closer to nature and gives off a more relaxed feeling. How does this vibe encapsulate your writing of this book?

I’ve realised lately that being in nature takes away the stress and gives us a fresh perspective on what we are feeling at that moment. I wanted the book to feel like a walk in an outdoor museum. To make you feel loved and give you a sense of belonging in this big world.

What major themes have you explored through this collection of poems? 

There are themes of depression, anxiety, mental health in general, day-to-day life, love, loss and everything in between. A lot of poems are based on BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) because of how much they have helped me overcome the worst phase of my life and made me feel like my old self again.

All Picture Credits and Copyrights belong to: Dr. Dwijisha Katkar

In your opinion, who (in general) do you think could resonate the most with your book? What message do you have for them?

I think people of any age group and any walk of life will resonate with this book, my only message to them through this book is – you are not alone, I got you, and more importantly, you got you.

How was the process of getting your book published? What are the important points one should keep in mind as a writer/poet?

The process is tough, but I got it mostly self-published. It’s a lot of work and stress but the end product is so worth it. Only someone truly possessed with an idea can write a book. As a writer, I would just say that you have to start writing, that’s all, and keep growing.

There is a beautiful blend of poetry and artwork throughout the book. How many artists did you work with on this and how did the entire process of culminating art and weaving it with words come together for you? 

I always had this idea of a walk in a museum or art gallery for this book. I wanted a grip on my readers from the very first page. Art and poetry together is a love language for me, and I wanted to translate that on paper. I worked with about 20 artists for this book, and they are just lovely people; and the whole process was worth it.

Did the artists work based on your prompts and interpret it in their own manner or did you have your own vision that you described thoroughly and in-depth how you wanted each poem to be synthesised in the form of artwork? We would love to know the behind-the-scenes of this process.

So basically I took a lot of inspiration from the art created and vice versa. I adapted the poetry to flow with the art and in some cases, I gave them a prompt word that they could work through it by themselves.

As a writer and a poet, how satisfied are you with this outcome, and what contribution this book plays in your future works?

This book and all my other books feel like my children; a part of my soul out in the world. So yes, it was beyond emotional and amazing to see my vision come to life so beautifully. The artists are truly the highlight of this book for me. I hope this book cements my place as a writer in people’s hearts.

All Picture Credits and Copyrights belong to: Dr. Dwijisha Katkar

What’s your personal favourite poem/poems from “Butterflies and Peppermint” and why?

“Innumerable” is my favourite poem from the book. It has an emotion in it that I can barely grasp on most days. I’m not good at love poems, so it was out of my comfort zone, and it turned out so well.

Alongside writing, we are aware you are also a doctor, a small business entrepreneur as well as a singer who writes her own lyrics. How do you find your balance doing all this? 

My god you’ve researched me well! Honestly there’s a lack of balance and on most days it’s very tough. But I’m just trying to find myself through everything I do. I want to do everything I can in this life.

Have you ever had a creative block during the process of working on “Butterflies and Peppermint”? How did you overcome that? 

This book was special and I gave it so much time, that it just happened. So there wasn’t a creative block per se. but if I do have one, I look at other people’s art, poetry, and movies. And that really helps to get in the creative headspace again.

All Picture Credits and Copyrights belong to: Dr. Dwijisha Katkar

What message would you like to share with budding writers and aspiring poets who would want to follow your path and carve their own words someday?

Give it a chance, give yourself a chance to let the world see your works and how capable you are. Put your art out into the world devoid of any expectations. Just do it.

Lastly, what message would you like to give to yourself who has come this far, and what message you would like to give to your future self?

There will be days where you doubt everything, know that you will get through them, and take it one day at a time. You got this!

Once again, Dr. Dwijisha reminds us that our passions and lives need not be confined to a single path. Instead, we can embrace our multifaceted nature, allowing our various passions to coexist and enrich one another. With a grateful heart, we would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Dwijisha for taking out her precious time for this interview. On behalf of our entire team at Hallyuism, we would like to wish her the very best in all her endeavours.

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