JCW Love India Spreading Positivity on Ji Chang-wook’s Birthday

Aanchal Tekriwal (Godda, Jharkhand) and Riya Choudhary (New Delhi)

Compassion and altruism are the basic components of humanness. Ji Chang-wook is a skilled, multi-talented South Korean actor and singer who sweeps us away with his refined acting craft, undeniable charm, and renowned love of entertainment. He has been in the profession for about 15 years and has seamlessly transitioned from one character to the next, from theatre to television to movies, while leaving us wanting more. Ji Chang Wook Love India (jcwloveindia_indianfansark) is an Indian fanbase, founded in 2020, that celebrated the actor’s birthday on July 5 with much delight and alms.

Every year, Ji Chang-wook fans around the world make large contributions to charitable activities. From donations to the Miral Welfare Foundation to help children with disabilities, pay for medical and living expenses for low-income families, and plant 100 trees in the “Trees for Tigers” programme. Fans contribute immensely to the name of their idol. The actor himself donated 100 million won to emergency relief for children impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The Ji Chang Wook Love India Fanclub also participates enthusiastically in donation projects each year. They previously donated to Charitism (an online contribution site), as well as to an orphanage called Vani Vidhyashraya in Bangalore’s rural area and provided them with a lot of groceries.

Here’s how they celebrated the actor’s birthday with alacrity in India on July 5th, 2023, through numerous projects: 

Donation to Smile Foundation’s She Can Fly campaign

On the eve of The Sound of Magic’s mysterious magician birthday, JCW Love India contributed to the Smile Foundation’s “She Can Fly Campaign” to help fund the healthcare of 100 young girls. Through education, vocational and skill training, healthcare, and nutrition, the project empowers women and girls to become self-sufficient and reach their full potential. While simultaneously working to promote gender equality in society. The Smile Foundation is an Indian development organisation that impacts the lives of over 15 lakh children and their families in 25 states across India each year.

Donation to Stray Animal Foundation of India

On July 5, 2023, JCW Love India celebrated the actor’s birthday by honouring his love for dogs. They donated to the Stray Animal Foundation of India (SAFI). The primary focus of this contribution is on funding operations for stray animal accident victims. Around 35 million stray animals roam the streets of India without food, veterinary treatment, or protection from the elements. The Stray Animal Foundation of India is a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation that works alongside India’s local shelters to rescue, rehabilitate, vaccinate, and house stray animals in need in Hyderabad, India.

Birthday party with underprivileged kids through Charitism

Ji Chang-wook always had a soft spot for kids. We have seen his comforting and charming side with kids in K-dramas as well as in his fan meetings. He has done meaningful donations to help the kids and to follow his legacy, JCW Love India collaborated with Charitism to celebrate his birthday by organizing a party with underprivileged kids. Approximately 40 kids were in attendance where they enjoyed a hearty meal, had cake and played games. The party was held in Varanasi through Charitism, a registered non-profit organization in India, founded in 2019 by Sudhanshu Sharma. It connects with people who want to help those in need. They also host birthday or anniversary parties with underprivileged kids by providing them with cake and food with the money collected through donations. The platform is 100% transparent, so donors can see exactly how their money is being used.

A Stellar Tribute under Name A Star

Name A Star is the original star naming service, founded in 1978. Name A Star is a great way to showcase your love and support for your precious ones. With their help, anyone can name a star in someone’s honour and give them a gift that will last a lifetime. Just like how Ji Chang-wook shines brightly among his fans, his Indian Fanclub wanted his name to shine more brightly thus they named a star in Ji Chang-wook’s honour. Along with this, they issued a certificate which includes the precise celestial address within the Cancer constellation. It’s a heartfelt gesture to symbolize their love and admiration for him.

Organizer’s statement – Janhavi Bharati, admin of JCW Love India

“It has been an absolute joy and privilege to embark on these meaningful projects as a part of our Fanclub’s celebrations. From supporting the healthcare of 100 girls through the Smile Foundation to naming a star in our beloved actor’s honour, and organizing a heartwarming birthday celebration for underprivileged kids, each endeavour has filled our hearts with happiness and purpose.

As we commemorate our 4th year, we are even more determined to expand our efforts and make a greater impact. We invite more individuals to join us on this incredible journey of supporting our actor Ji Chang-wook and making a positive difference in the world. Together, we can create a collective voice that resonates with our actor Ji Chang-wook, showcasing the depth of our admiration and love.

Let us continue to celebrate our actor’s accomplishments, while also engaging in philanthropy and acts of kindness that make a tangible difference. Thank you to all the members of JCW Love India for being a part of our Fan Club and for their ongoing dedication. Let’s strive to reach new heights and make a lasting impact together.”

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  1. Moumita Mondal says:

    First of all happy belated birthday to him ❤ he’s one of my favorite actor of all time. As his fan I’m so proud of JCW love india members for spreading the love and positivity on his birthday. Hope he could see this but I’m sure he’ll notice it someday soon.Keep continue the good work , we are all with you💜

  2. Tahoora Charfare says:

    My favourite 💜🥳

    1. Bandita Das says:

      This article made me know more about Ji Chang Wook. Beautifully written. Belated Happy birthday to him

  3. Their efforts are commendable

  4. aanchaltekriwal says:

    The outreach in being a blessing to others is a resource for reflection and much gratitude. This positive start towards a better society is always encouraging and amazing to witness. Thank you, JCW Love India, for doing this every year. I’m delighted I was able to cover such beautiful projects.

  5. The projects done are commendable! Thankyou so much Team JCW India for sharing your insights with us! Hope JCW comes to India soon

    1. rynwrsi says:

      It really fills my heart with happiness whenever I read an article which so well written. Nice Work

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    Really appreciate the work ls done byJWC 💫 I’m impressed and he is one of my favourite actors 👑 Feeling happy after reading this article 👍

  7. Belated Happy Birthday ji chang wook u r one of my favourite actor and i really loved the projects done by you and i really loved the project done by JCW Love India you guys are doing a great job thanks for your Hardwork 💖💖

    1. Dikshitha says:

      This is such a great initiative my huge respect to ji chang wook and belated birthday wishes. He’s an angel for sure, thank you for this article 💖💖

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    The efforts are Bang on !! I am sure Ji Chang Wook would be proud of you guys for what you all have been doing ❤️

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      Happy belated birthday to JCW 🤍 I’m really proud of the fans and sure JCW would be too! Keep up the good work!!

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    very well written 💜

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    😍He is one of my favourite actor! I proud of you JWC❤️. wish he could be notice it 😔.

    1. Pranjul Sharma says:

      생일 축하 합니다 💐✨️

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    Fan of jcw since from I saw sound of magic and happy birthday to you ✨💜💜💌

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    Well written 👏

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    My first most favorite actor in South Korea and he is so kind person that I know from this article .

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    One of the best actors of this generation ✨❤️

  17. Proud of the donations happy belated birthday ji chang wook<3

  18. svt says:

    after reading the article about Ji Chang Wook, I cannot help but appreciate the author’s well-written piece that highlights the actor’s accomplishments and talents. The article does an excellent job of showcasing Ji Chang Wook’s versatility as an actor, from his action-packed roles to his more emotional and dramatic performances.❤️❤️

  19. Great work

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      I’m very proud of the fans. Thankyou for this article and a very happy birthday to Ji Chang Wook.💜

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    ji Chang wook is one of my favourite K drama actor, I literally like his humble & politeness…Thank You so much for taking such nice initiative!!!!

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    Belated happy birthday to Ji Chang Wook 💟

  22. Tirna says:

    I have watched the dramas of Ji Chang Wook and loved them. It is great to see the dedication of the fan clubs in India and how they uplift the society through their donations. I didn’t know there were so many fanclubs of Chang Wook in India. Wonderful article. ❤❤❤

  23. Ji Chang Wool is love 🤌🦋

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    I really loved the article very much💯❣️

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    The fans are the same as their actor whom they adore, spreading positivity and love❣️❣️

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    He’s indeed a great actor and person, especially his character in sound of the magic has really taken us to a magical experience, Annara Sumanara🪄

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    Happy belated Birthday JCW✨

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    Woww….The efforts are Amazing 🥺👏🏻 . JCW would be proud of what you’ll !Keep it up 💜

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