K-Drama Review: Hello! My Twenties (Season 2)

Amandeep Kaur, New Delhi

For people who watched season 1, season 2 is a piece of cake. We have seen five university girls’ lives in season 1 who live together at Belle Epoque, but this season is a little different from season 1 as a new girl comes to live with them and new stories begin in their lives. Many things changed in one year. Jin-myung finally found a stable job after returning from her holidays. Kang Yi-na has already left for her new job. Yoo Ye-eun started to go to university again and tried to overcome her fear of past incidents. Eun-jae broke up with her first love, which was very painful for her, but Ji-won still doesn’t have a boyfriend in her life. But one day a letter came, and for every girl, life gets jumbled.


In this season Yoo Eun-jae is played by Ji-woo; the rest are same, Han Ye-ri as Yoon Jin-myung, Park Eun-bin as Song Ji-won, Han Seung-yeon as Jung Ye-eun, Choi A Ra as Jo Eun, Kim Min-suk as Seo Jang-hoon, Lee You-jin as Kwon Ho-chang, An Woo-yeon as Hae Im-dal, Shin Hyun-soo as Yoon Jong-yeol, Son Seung-won as Im Sung-min, Ryu Hwa-young as Kang Yi-na (Special Appearance).


The drama begins with the arrival of Jin-myung from her holiday, and after a year, the girls again start to live together. However, Kang Yi-na moves to another place, but they are still in contact with her. The drama takes a different angle with the addition of a new girl, Jo Eun, in the Belle Epoque. She behaves strangely in her starting days; it does not seem easy to cooperate with girls, but at last, she made it. According to my opinion, if her home is near Belle Epoque and her college is also nearby, then why did she live at Belle Epoque with girls? Is she hiding something because she has some strong reason behind this. You must watch this drama to know why and enjoy Jo Eun and Seo Jang-hoon’s cute love story.

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Yoo Eun-jae and Jung Ye-eun are both facing their past issues daily and day by day it gets difficult for both of them. Even Ye-eun tried hard to forget her past incident and become strong and confident, but someone secretly didn’t wish that. However this season, she gets a boyfriend who is like medicine. She does everything to get her boyfriend back, but destiny has some other thoughts. Luckily, Jin-myung grabs her first job in Seoul, and I am happy that her love story is going ahead with Mr. Chef. She cares for every girl like a big sister. This was so satisfying. How beautifully she handled Hae Im-dal’s state and showed him the right way.

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We get more screen time for Song Ji-won and Im Sung-min this season. However, their relationship is still hanging between the friendship zone and love, but Sung-min was always there for Ji-won when she needed him. She also had a scary past from her childhood, which disturbed her present. She fights to find the truth and give justice to the victim. The girls helped her, and together they solved every problem. Their bond gets stronger day by day, and in the last episode, the presence of Kang Yi-na makes for a beautiful ending.

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Happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, shame, pride—every emotion that is found even in this season, the audience can feel a connection with the heartwarming emotions of the characters. The director presents each character as the main cast with their own individual stories, so we can enjoy every perspective of life.

This realistic drama teaches us many ways to deal with life’s problems. Season 1 and Season 2 both show serious issues but have a crisp sense of fun. This drama is amazing. If you try it, you will want season 3. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good drama.

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