K-Webtoon Review: The Makeup Remover

Pahul Nanra, Delhi

Have you been looking for a webtoon that revolves around self-confidence, self-love, and questions beauty standards? Well, then, The Makeup Remover is a perfect choice. The creator of this comic, Lee Yone, uses makeup as a tool for empowerment and change, showing that it can serve a positive purpose as well.

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The main protagonist of the story, Yeseul Kim, is a freshman and a studious photography major who is suddenly pressured to pay attention to her looks and makeup. After years of being advised to focus solely on her studies, she suddenly feels lost when she starts college and is expected by everyone to prioritize her appearance and engage in makeup. Upon entering university, she is pestered by her family to undergo a makeover and pursue a love life.

After a chance encounter with the second lead of the story, Yuseong – a brilliant makeup artist – she agrees to be his model contestant in a makeup competition after a lot of convincing. Thus, their journey together begins, wielding the power of makeup as Yeseul gains confidence in herself and starts to question society’s beauty standards. We also get to meet different types of characters throughout different arcs of the story, with each level of the competition serving as a distinct one.

Many issues are raised and tackled as the competition progresses, sometimes even compelling the readers to do some self-reflection. The best part about the comic is that despite targeting many sensitive and heavy topics, it is a light and easy read. No single character outshines the other, and they are given real character development. Also, it is beautiful to see Yeseul, our protagonist, slowly starting to accept and love herself.

Main Characters

Yeseul Kim: A complete geek and proficient photography major at Seojin University who has low self-esteem due to her plain and bland appearance. She has an enormous crush on one of her Sunbaenims, Seungwoo, a senior in her photography department. She doesn’t pay much attention to her looks, but her life is suddenly turned upside down when she encounters Yuseong Cheon.

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Yuseong Cheon: He is a celebrity makeup artist with impeccable makeup skills, which have earned him multiple opportunities to work with several idols and A-listers in the industry. As soon as Yuseong learns about the televised makeup show, he becomes determined to participate and find his ideal model. One day, his dream of joining the show becomes a reality when he crosses paths with Yeseul Kim.

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Heewon Ju: Often described as the girl next door and campus crush. Her popularity takes over the internet as well due to her beautiful features and appearance. Heewon also joins the makeup competition, initially to beat Yuseong. But eventually shifts her focus and goal upon discovering something about herself.

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Seungwoo Yeon: He is introduced to the readers as Yeseul’s crush. He is portrayed as an amiable person, someone who is approachable and a humble, nice senior to his juniors and others. While also having a good number of admirers, he can make any girl fall head over heels for him with that gentle attitude of his. Nevertheless, despite his stunning looks, there seem to be several secrets about his true personality and photography skills.

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Why You Should Read The Makeup Remover?

“The Makeup Remover” is a well-written manhwa with a perfect balance of positive and negative aspects of makeup. Tap on your phones right away and get this webtoon added to your reading list as it unfolds stories about self-love, self-discovery, and even some self-reflection, while also witnessing beautiful, blossoming friendships and love between our protagonists.

I am sure that as you progress with this story, you will begin to see yourself in a more positive light as well. I know I did. This webtoon is sure to keep you on your toes and is a must-read in today’s times.

You can read the webtoon here:


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