Khushi Yadav, Riya Choudhary, Seema Paswan, (Delhi)

KIM WOOJIN is a shining K-pop star who worked endlessly on his musical skills and diligently fought through the immense competitive environment of the K-pop industry. He is here to showcase his presence with the most exceptional skills he possesses. Are you wondering what is so alluring about Woo-jin? He is an excellent songwriter and marvelous actor who never fails to surprise his fans with his multi-talented artistry. His songs are destined to touch our hearts with pivotal emotional messages. Woo-jin’s career brags about chart-topping hits, sold-out concerts, and a continuously growing community of beloved fans. His journey is a legacy of his unbeatable passion for music and extraordinary talent, with which he is already winning many hearts.

Picture Credits: Pink Box Entertainment

KIM WOOJIN’s The Moment Tour in Delhi, India

KIM WOOJIN previously came to India for his concert and Meet & Greet on 29th April in Meghalaya this year and impressed his fans with power-packed performances, as well as wholesome interaction with the fans during the fan meet. So, to flutter the hearts of Indian CUBS once again, he made an enthralling comeback mix of energy and affectionate performances to Delhi and performed on 23rd October at Weightlifting Auditorium of JLN Stadium as part of his The Moment Tour in India and Road to Cherry Blossom Festival 2023, a multi-city concert experience for all the Indian Cubs (fandom) and K-Pop fans; organized by Pink Box Entertainment, Namaste Hallyu, Cherry Blossom Fest Team, and Meghalaya Tourism. Delhi was one of the stops of the tour. On behalf of Hallyuism, the team members attended this concert in Delhi, and here is an excerpt from their overall experience and review of the event:

The onset of KIM WOOJIN’s remarkable experience in Delhi

It all started with events where he met his lovely fans and connected with them, yes we are talking about Woo-jin’s fan meetings. Fan meetings were an opportunity for Indian Cubs to meet him and capture lifelong memories with him. This event marked not just an opportunity for fan interaction but also a celebration of Woo-jin’s talent and victories. The Road to Cherry Blossom concert started at 5 pm with Shillong’s very talented band performance Larger Than 90  followed by a solo singer Rijune. Another band named Rum and Monkeys and Symphonic Illusion performed at the end of the concert. K-Pop fans were eagerly waiting for Woo-jin’s appearance and performance while enjoying the performance of all the artists. When Woojin came on stage, the stadium was filled with fans’ loud cheers, whistle sounds, and Woo-jin’s name chant.

Ms. Riya Choudhary’s Experience of Fanmeet and Hi-Touch

It was my first fan meet & concert experience after the Pandemic. I have been a fan of Kim Woo-jin since I heard his Let Me Be Your Knight’s OST: Because It’s You. After that, I heard My Growing Pains and that’s where I fell in love with his vocals straightaway. Firstly, a meeting happened so we got the opportunity for HI-TOUCH, Photo-Op and later he also signed a poster in front of us. Honestly, it was a wholesome experience to see him this close and have a quick conversation with him.

He was so considerate and I still can’t move on from the way he looked at me so lovingly. I also got lucky as he picked my question which I wrote in Korean – 선택할 수 있다면 과거로 가고 싶으니까 아님 미래로 가고 싶으니까? (Translation: If you can choose, do you want to go back to the past or the future?) He answered Past. I wish I could express how happy he was when he read my question in Korean. Felt like my hard work of learning Korean paid off. While getting my poster signed, I talked to him about how his songs stole my heart from the first listen and expressed my gratitude as he came to Delhi.

When the actual concert began, I almost cried when he performed My Growing Pains as this song holds a special place in my heart and has such meaningful lyrics. His vocals and visuals were so mesmerizing. He left us awestruck with his dancing skills as he performed the songs such as Ready Now, On My Way, and Still Dream. We also got a chance to sing along as he performed Tryin’. Apart from his songs, he performed covers of Harry Styles’s Falling and Lewis Capaldi’s Before You Go which made my heart melt.

He made our hearts flutter and we screamed our lungs out as he gave us a surprise by performing the hook step of a Bollywood movie’s song Chaleya. Trust me he left no crumbs. At last, he performed his song Still Dream and left the stage without any greetings. I was standing in mixed emotions about him leaving but at that moment suddenly he came back for an encore and performed his song Purple Sky that made the crowd go crazy.

Trust me, the encore had hit differently, and I still can’t move on from listening to Purple Sky. In conclusion, this meet & concert made me appreciate KIM WOOJIN more. Seeing his charisma on stage was way more different than seeing him on phone/PC screens. It was fun to see him being happy when we fans understood a lot of what he was saying in Korean without any translation. It was a surreal experience to see him in front of us singing my favorite songs live. I’m thankful that he came to India and I look forward to him coming back here again someday. Also, I’m thankful to the organizers Pink Box Entertainment and Cherry Blossom Festival Team for the smooth functioning of the event and also for assisting me with the best help in the venue. Thank You so much for all your efforts and hard work in bringing Woojin to India and hosting this fan meet & concert.

Concluding Remarks

Overall the concert experience was fantastic. The enthusiasm and immense amounts of energy of all the fans were on the next level. We look forward to having him visit India again very soon and hope this event was just as memorable and fun experience for Woo-jin as it was for everyone who attended this concert.

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