Reasons why learning Korean Language is worth it!

Learning a new language can be recreational and amusing to get rid of the monotony of life. What’s more interesting is that with this added skill, you might also add up a few bucks to your pocket if you can actually make use of it. But the question arises, which language to start with? Well, there are many popular options, such as languages of Western countries like French, Spanish, German, etc. as well as languages of Eastern countries such as Mandarin or Japanese.


We are here to share Vaishali’s journey of becoming a part of the K-World, her first trip to South Korea, how she started her YouTube channel and about her selection as one of the Honorary Reporter in!

World Leaders and Health Experts Applaud South Korea’s Response to COVID-19

South Korea, that reported its first case in the third week of January 2020, armed itself with adequate information and medical strategies within a week to successfully flatten the curve of the spread of the virus, that too without imposing a complete ban or nationwide lockdown, unlike other countries.

My experiments with ‘Dalgona Coffee’

During the midst of quarantine and lock-down, people are advised to eat homemade food. Thus enabling some things to trend worldwide, Dalgona coffee is also one of the trends of this quarantine. In the time where we cannot order our favorite coffee from our favorite cafes like Costa Coffee, Starbucks, CCD etc, Dalgona Coffee has become a trend setter.

My experience of a ‘KARD’ Concert!

It’s a dream and a lovely wish of every fan to attend the concert of a group or artist they like and admire. Everyone wants to show their love to the artists. For me, it was one of my wish in my bucket list. Recently this wish of mine got fulfilled!