10 Must-Visit Places in South Korea for Every Traveller

Saumya Jain, Delhi When you think about South Korea, there are a million musings and fleeting glances in your head flooded with concerts, K-pop, K-dramas, Ramyeon, Kimchi, Lotte World, hanbok, cherry blossoms, aesthetic cafes, and whatnot. I am sure visiting South Korea has been a part of your wish list; you wish to tick it…

Beauty of South Korea Captured in K-Dramas

Sanskriti Saxena (New Delhi), Anisha Nath (Kolkata, West Bengal), Piyush Mandal (Panvel, Maharashtra), Biti Sophia Soren (New Delhi), Suparna Mitra (Kolkata, West Bengal): South Korea is filled with many tourist destinations which attract a lot of people every year. There are many famous K-dramas that capture the attention of the viewers and play an important role in adding value to promoting the tourism and cultural heritage of the country. Here, we take a look at some of the famous K-Dramas that explore the marvelous beauty of South Korea that can be easily added to the bucket list of all the K-enthusiasts who wish to visit the country one day. To celebrate this imperishable bond between the nature and K-Dramas, here are some K-Dramas suggestions that explore the beauty of nature in South Korea.