Beauty of South Korea Captured in K-Dramas

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South Korea is filled with many tourist destinations which attract a lot of people every year. There are many famous K-dramas that capture the attention of the viewers and play an important role in adding value to promoting the tourism and cultural heritage of the country. Here, we take a look at some of the famous K-Dramas that explore the marvelous beauty of South Korea that can be easily added to the bucket list of all the K-enthusiasts who wish to visit the country one day. To celebrate this imperishable bond between the nature and K-Dramas, here are some K-Dramas suggestions that explore the beauty of nature in South Korea.

The King: Eternal Monarch

The drama The King: Eternal Monarch starring Kim Go-eun and Lee Min-ho was shot in the Ahopsan Forest in Busan. The scene of the gate of dimension between the two parallel universe was shot in the Bamboo forest of Busan which is named as the Ahopsan Forest. The forest is mainly covered with long Bamboo trees everywhere and was a private forest previously. Even today, the forest is well preserved for that reason.

Video Credits: The Swoon

True Beauty

In this immensely popular K-Drama True Beauty, the characters of Cha Eun-woo and Moon Ka-young visit this recently opened destination, Seolri Skywalk in Namhae, South Korea. This place is apt as a good location for planning dates or for a peaceful getaway which includes the “Skywalk Swing” located on the edge of skywalk that offers great views of the wonderful coastal scenery. The whole bridge of skywalk along with the beautiful coastal scenery, provides some of the most stunning views of the country. At night, the skywalk’s unique lighting show and popular music from the speakers add to its festive atmosphere. Here’s to hoping that we’ll have a Suho who will push us in the swing when we get there.

Video Credits: Viki Global TV

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

In the seventh episode of What’s wrong with Secretary Kim, the heart to heart talk between the characters of Park Min-young and Park Seo-joon in the beautiful sunset was shot here. Near Gyeonggi-do, at Pocheon, the Hantangang Sky bridge is also a famous destination to observe the beautiful nature. It’s a 200 meter long bridge; which is 50 meters above the Hantan River. This site is a gorgeous natural landscape and a must visit place for all travellers especially K-lovers. There is a beautiful Bidulginang waterfall near the bridge.

Picture Credits: Korea Tourism Organization

More than Friends

Bukchon Hanok Village is a Korean traditional village built during the Joseon Dynasty and consists of hundreds of wooden houses called hanoks. Visitors are adviced to be respectful and not to disturb people living there while looking around. Most of the time, the alley is empty in which you can feel the historical village vibe. It is a quiet and peaceful place meant to ease your heart just as shown in the K-Drama More Than Friends.

Picture Credits: Wikipedia

The Legend of the Blue Sea

Originally known as Daehan Dawon, Boseong Green Tea Field is one of the oldest and largest tea garden and a popular travel destination located near the southern coast of South Korea. This place is considered as the birthplace of the commercial tea industry and the largest tea-producing area in Korea. This pleasant mix of rows of green tea and beautiful forests also featured in the Korean drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea. There is a scene where the character of Jun Ji-hyun is surrounded by three menacing swordsmen and just then the character of Lee Min-ho appears to save her in ancient days.

Video Credits: 1theK

Let us know in the comments, which is your favourite K-Drama that has captured the aesthetics of nature’s beauty in South Korea.

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