BBQ and Banchan: An Introduction to Korean Barbeque

Abhilasha Rawat, Pune, Maharashtra What is Korean Barbeque (KBBQ)? Korean Barbeque, also known as KBBQ, originating from South Korea, is a family-style meal used to cook various types of meat, vegetables, and side dishes. Different variety of meats are grilled on gas stoves or charcoal grills at the dining table. Side dishes such as noodles,…

Gimbap and It’s Types

Anushka Gupta, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: People who have been watching K-Dramas must be knowing very well what is Gimbap. Well, gimbap is the go to food for all the Korean people. We must have seen in the Western countries that people pack sandwiches for picnics or make them as their go-to food when in hurry. Similarly, no picnic in Korea is complete without gimbap. It is a must have dish for all the picnics, and it is also convenient for people who are running late in the morning and need to grab a quick bite. There is a huge variety of gimbap that is available in various types and forms, let’s explore the different types of gimbap that we can try.