BBQ and Banchan: An Introduction to Korean Barbeque

Abhilasha Rawat, Pune, Maharashtra

What is Korean Barbeque (KBBQ)?

Korean Barbeque, also known as KBBQ, originating from South Korea, is a family-style meal used to cook various types of meat, vegetables, and side dishes. Different variety of meats are grilled on gas stoves or charcoal grills at the dining table. Side dishes such as noodles, ramen, and pancakes are often served with these meats.

Boneless Chicken BBQ: Dak Galbi

The most popular chicken dish eaten at Korean BBQ places, ‘Dak Galbi’ is either boneless chicken breast or boneless chicken thigh. From marinated to barbeque, ‘Dak Galbi’ is served in various forms either sliced into pieces or as a whole.

Banchan/Side dishes

1. Kimchi: ‘Kimchi’ is a staple Korean cuisine which is eaten with almost every main dish. From the traditional cabbage kimchi to the white sauce kimchi, KBBQ has a variety of kimchi. Although it might initially taste sour, the taste perfectly complements the grilled meat! ‘Kkakdugi’ (cubed radish/daikon) and ‘Oi Sobagi’ (cucumber) are popular options at KBBQs nowadays.

2. Seaweed: ‘Seaweed’ is served in a variety of forms at KBBQ places. Some popular ways of enjoying seaweed with grilled meats are deep-fried seaweed and seaweed salads made with roasted seaweed, seaweed stems and wakame.

3. Pancake: Known as ‘Jeon,’ pancakes are one of the most popular side dishes at KBBQs. These are savoury pancakes that are pan-fried till crisp. Some classic ‘Jeons’ are ‘Pajeon’ (green onion), ‘Kimchi Jeon’ (kimchi), ‘Gamja Jeon’ (potato) and ‘Haemul Pajeon’ (seafood).

4. Eggs: Whether it’s soy-marinated eggs or a rolled omelette, eggs are a must-have with grilled meat and rice! One of the favourite egg dishes at Korean BBQs is steamed eggs (Gyeran-Jji) that can be made in either traditional or modern Korean style.

5. Potatoes: From sweet and savoury braised potatoes (‘Gamjajorim’) to potato salad; potato-based banchan are a must-have at Korean BBQ places! Filled with vegetables like carrots and peas, potato-based dishes clear your palate for the next meat morsel.

6. Danmuji: These are the yellow daikon pieces used to make kimbap. Crunchy with a sweet and sour taste, ‘Danmuji’ can be really addictive.

7. Cheongpomuk: Made of mung bean starch, ‘Cheongpomuk’ is a jelly dish that tastes like a lemon sorbet. Garnished with sesame oil, soy sauce chilli or/and scallion, it is eaten to cleanse the palate at KBBQs.

8. Fried fishcake: An essential stir-fried dish at Korean BBQs, ‘Bokkeum’ or fried fishcake have an almost pasta-like texture. With a rich sweet and savoury glaze, these are common banchan.

9. Kongnamul: Seasoned soybean sprouts are a must-have! Seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, scallions and garlic, ‘Kongnamul’ pairs perfectly with all grilled meats.

What do you think of Korean Barbeque (KBBQ)? Have you ever tried it? What are some of your favourite dishes? Which side dish is your go-to? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. ThatMoleGirl says:

    Wow everything seems so tempting and mouth watering

  2. Deepshikha Sinha says:

    I haven’t tried Korean BBQ yet but I would love to try it in future..and talking about side dishes I really like oi-sobagi(오이소박이). It’s tasty and easy to make~ 😊

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    I haven’t got chance to try Korean BBQ yet but I’ll definitely gonna try it next year .🤞

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    Looks soooo delishh

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  5. Tirna says:

    I have seen most of these items on Kdramas, specifically dak galbi. In the past few months, I have also tried different types of Korean food at Korean cafes. I have to say, I have found myself liking the savoury taste of Korean food. This article highlights some of the most popular Korean food. It was a a ‘delicious’ read. 🥰

  6. unnati bilwal says:

    Everything sounds amazing here. I don’t eat a lot of non-vegetarian but this all sounds really amazing. I really would love to try this whole dish🥺. I have mostly seen all of these in K-dramas and Variety/reality shows. And I always wanted to have them. Really wish to have them some day.

  7. DJ says:

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    I’m in love with Korean food… I stay in Chennai nd I know one very good Korean restaurant so most of the time I go there… I just love their dishes full of flavours… Yummmyyyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️ after reading it now I’m drooling

  11. Alankrita says:

    Korean cuisines are sooo amazing!!

  12. I have tried Dak galbi with Kimchi. It was really tasty!

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    Korean cuisine is justttt…..amazingggg, no words but Amazinggggg.

  14. I’m hungry nowww

  15. Kbbq looks soo tasty! And kimchi is the best side dish❤️❤️

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    I am big fan of Korean BBQ , never tries before but then also. This looks so mouth watering , gonna try very soon .

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