K-Drama Review: Oh My Ghost

Naveena Nair, Vadodara, Gujarat A perfect blend of heart-fluttering romance, light comedy along with shivering suspense and thrill, this drama, Oh My Ghost, will have you hooked to it until the very end. Aired in 2015 with 16 episodes, this drama had won the award for ‘Best Content Award, Drama’ at tvN10 Awards 2016 and…

K-Drama Review: Uncontrollably Fond

Shrishti Kalwar, Mumbai, Maharashtra: As the name implies, you can’t stop liking this drama even though it will eventually leave you sobbing and devastated. This drama is a story of two teenagers, Noh Eul and Shin Joon-young, who meet each other in high school and then come across having multiple encounters with each other through the time since they were teenagers till becoming adults; working to fulfil their responsibilities. But every time they meet each other, their fate has a different plan for them. The genre of this drama is centered on romance and melodrama starring Kim Woo-bin, Bae Suzy, Lim Ju-hwan and Lim Ju-eun, packed in 20 episodes.