The Art of Writing: Korean Calligraphy

Aanchal Tekriwal, Godda, Jharkhand One of the exciting things about learning a new language is also learning about its culture and history. In Korea exist one of the unique heritage art forms is calligraphy. A cherished Korean art form that imparts the artist’s emotions while illustrating the strength, purity and sempiternity of ancient tradition. Korean…

10 K-Pop Songs to listen to after a Tiring Day

Mehak Sharma, Delhi: Once in a while, we find ourselves encountering days where we just want to be left alone with our thoughts. Though the reasons for such gloomy days may vary. It could either be stagnant and monotonous life, or the inability to determine whether we are on the right track in life or not. Everyone needs to be comforted during such times. And what could be better than music that stirs up emotions and offers endless comfort! So, here is a list of 10 K-pop songs straight from my playlist.