10 K-Pop Songs to listen to after a Tiring Day

Mehak Sharma, Delhi

Once in a while, we find ourselves encountering days where we just want to be left alone with our thoughts. Though the reasons for such gloomy days may vary. It could either be stagnant and monotonous life, or the inability to determine whether we are on the right track in life or not. Everyone needs to be comforted during such times. And what could be better than music that stirs up emotions and offers endless comfort! So, here is a list of 10 K-pop songs straight from my playlist.

‘End of a Day’ by SHINee‘s Kim Jong-hyun

End of a day‘ is a melodious lullaby perfect for listening after a tiring day. A track in The Collection: Story Op. 1, Kim Jong-hyun’s first composition album, the song is written by Jong-hyun and composed along with Wefreaky. This masterpiece by the member of SHINee is a priceless gift to anyone seeking refuge in the peaceful abode. You can sit listening to this song and find yourself being comforted.

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‘Dreamer’ by Super Junior‘s Lee Dong-hae and Eun-hyuk

It is said that even a small ray of hope can be of big help to the one who is lost. So, for the lonely dreamers to whom a situation seems hopeless, ‘Dreamer‘ by Super Junior’s Lee Dong-hae and Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eun-hyuk, offers a cosy and comforting blanket to ease their pain. Especially as the song starts approaching the end, it moves you to take a pause and reflect on the moments of all those hard days when you were suffering and see how far you have come. As a symbol of hope, this song is a constant reminder that in every bad moment, there’s a ray of hope. You just need to have faith and find it.

‘Who Am I’ by MONSTA X‘s Im Chang-kyun (ft. Yeseo)

Who Am I‘ is a mixtape by MONSTA X’s Im Chang-kyun, better known by his stage name I.M. He joins hands with singer Yeseo in this hard-hitting track. The melody is catchy, and the lyrics are deep. The song will help you to realise that no matter what people say, you should listen to yourself and follow your dreams. Even if the path is full of thorns, believe in yourself, and have faith. In the end, you will also find your roots and will bloom well.

Video Credits: starshipTV

‘Mixtape#2’ by Stray Kids

Mixtape#2‘ is a bonus track from Stray Kids’ extended play I Am WHO? Written and composed by the members themselves, this song is meant for everyone. The song is full of energy and positivity and will make you feel like you can achieve anything in life. Even though you don’t know the exact meaning of the song, but its sweet melody will help you release all your stress. This song also expresses the power of being together in a difficult situation, that can help overcome any hardships. ‘When nine come together, it becomes a lighthouse and the situation changes.

Video Credits: Stray Kids/ JYP Entertainment

‘I’ by SNSD‘s Kim Tae-yeon

I‘ is the title track in Kim Tae-yeon’s first solo album also called I. The SNSD member, who is joined by rapper Kim Jin-tae or Verbal Jint, creates a bright and cheerful melody. Mixed with Tae-yeon’s beautiful voice and the mesmerising aesthetics, this song will take your breath away. It reiterates the point that people may not see your wings or strength, but you are born to make your dreams come true. When you feel the need to remember all your forgotten dreams, tune into this song and sing with Tae-yeon, My life is a beauty.’

Video Credits: SM TOWN

‘Someday’ by U-KISS

Someday‘ is the lead single in U-KISS’ studio album NEVERLAND. The song is an uplifting treat that reassures the soul undergoing a lot of pain that it’s okay to be low and ‘you get some right, you get some wrong’ but ‘you will be smiling one day’. The lyrics beautifully explain that if someone is exhausted, it means that they are tried. But sad days won’t last forever, and you will also smile one day. To add to the beautiful lyrics and melody, are the members’ voices that are sweet enough to bring a smile on your face.

Video Credits: MBCkpop

‘A Song for You’ by NU’EST

A Song for You‘ is a special single released by NU’EST to celebrate the seventh anniversary since their debut. It’s a beautiful ballad written by the members along with Kye Beom-ju, better known as Bumzu, where the members express their gratitude to their fans. They thank their fans for always being there with them and supporting them through thick and thin. It’s a lovely song that will bring a smile on your face and will instantly uplift your mood.

Video Credits: Jaeguchi

‘A-Yo’ by SHINee

A-Yo‘ is a track from SHINee’s second full-length album called Lucifer. A highly motivating song that resonates with almost everyone, it urges the listeners to take it easy and turn to music for comfort. Sample this, When it’s tough…lean on the rhythm…When you can’t sleep, brush it off, leave it to the rhythm…Even if tears sometimes, cover both your eyes, never become weak. This song will cheer you up and will help you keep your thoughts straight.

‘Everything Goes’ by BTSKim Nam-joon

Everything Goes‘ is a track from BTS member Kim Nam-joon’s second mixtape called Mono. Written by the artist, the song also features the alternative rock band Nell. When you are alone, immersed in your thoughts, and have no shoulder to lean on, this song will offer comfort to you. This song will help you release the emotions that act as heavy baggage for your heart and soul. Hearing ‘everything goes’ on the loop also proves to be reassuring, and you trust the singer with your whole heart.

Video Credits: Jaeguchi

‘Hug’ by Seventeen

Hug‘ is a track from Seventeen’s sixth extended play You Made My Dawn. Sung by the vocal unit comprising Yoon Jeong-han, Hong Ji-soo or Joshua, Lee Ji-hoon or Woozi, Lee Seok-min or DK, and Boo Seung-kwan, this song can melt anyone’s heart. When you are feeling low, you can always turn to this song. Filled with the members’ soft and soothing voice, it conveys that one cannot hide their emotions forever, but one should be proud of them self because they’ve worked hard. The song is so comforting that it appears as if it is giving a virtual hug to the ones in pain.

Video Credits: Jaeguchi

Though there are many such songs that can help you at the end of a tiring day, these are a few that you must listen to. Have you heard any on the list? What’s your comfort song – one that uplifts you or offers you solace? Tell us in the comments section.

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