My experiments with ‘Dalgona Coffee’

Sanskriti Saxena, Delhi

During the midst of quarantine and lock-down, people are munching on homemade food, thus enabling some dishes to trend worldwide. Dalgona coffee also became one of the trends during this quarantine. As an avid lover of coffee, I also wanted to try it, so here are the details of my experiments with Dalgona Coffee.


In the time, where we cannot order our favourite coffee from our favourite cafes like Costa Coffee, Starbucks, CCD, etc, Dalgona Coffee has become a trend setter. This trend originated from South Korea when the South Korean Actor ‘Jung Il-woo’ ordered the same coffee in Macau and later on it was shown on a South Korean TV show called Stars’ Top Recipe and now everyone is trying their hands on it.

It’s easy recipe consisting of simple ingredients so I convinced my cousin to attempt it together via conference call. I used an electric blender so it was less time consuming. Just to experiment, I first tried it out on the instant coffee mix which consists of powdered milk and sugar. But it was a complete waste as foam didn’t form. Then, I switched to normal coffee powder, mixed sugar and hot water in it as per the recipe. It got ready in 10 minutes while it took 30 minutes for my cousin to whisk by hand. May be it took 5000 rounds for my cousin to whisk it! Phewwwww!


We had to add the foam over milk, so we prepared a half cup of cold milk beforehand. As my cousin added the foam on the milk, the foam did not even reach to the brim because she only used half a cup of milk. Seeing this, I filled my cup to ¾ and the foam did reach up to the brim there by giving it a nice look. I sprinkled a pinch of coffee powder to give it a more beautiful look. One can also use chocolate powder.

But this was only for posting the picture on SNS, for drinking the coffee you need to mix the foam and milk properly. For a family of 5, one cup of coffee was not adequate and we all did not even got a chance to appreciate it properly. My second attempt was to make 3 cups of coffee, tripling the quantity of ingredients (I was at advantage because of electric blender as it does not require much energy). My family‘s reaction to this coffee was same as BTS’s Jimin, because it was a little bitter. ARMY WILL GET THIS STATEMENT!

Few days later, I improvised my skill in the third attempt. My advice to everyone is to increase the quantity of sugar in comparison to the coffee powder which results in a good looking and tasty Dalgona Coffee, perfectly mixed with ice cold milk. After posting on my SNS, one of my friend responded that she was in dark all her life as she has always made coffee this way and didn’t noticed that it was called Dalgona. All in all, I really enjoyed experimenting with this coffee. Please share your thoughts when you made this coffee. Also you can upload a picture to show your creatvity!

Good luck with your Dalgona Coffee!

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  1. Yash Sharma says:

    Hehe , the first time I heard about dalgona coffee was when a member of twice made it. I’ve tried it too and it’s really good!
    And wow, at least y’all managed to drink some in the end. hehe

  2. priyasuryavanshi says:

    Wow I tried this recipe and really liked it

  3. pinkdiary07 says:

    I tried this one.. And now loving it….

  4. Naveen says:

    It’s good

  5. riyarcworld says:

    I also tried making it.. Whipped it with fork and spoon for almost half hour.. It’s good.. Now I’m a pro in making dalgona.. Now through your article i got to know Jung Il Woo Oppa started it..i feel so happy coz I’m his fangirl!!

  6. dailymadhu14 says:

    O god I still can’t stop laughing. This sounds so relatable. I followed the instructions and all sorts of yt videos but nothing helped so I simply did what I thought was right and thanks to my right decision I was able to make it right….and also I didn’t know that who started it….thanks to your article I was able to get valuable information.

  7. Hallyufan135 says:

    Hahah.. From 2020 I’m thinking of making it, but still couldn’t make it. But I’ll try after reading it👏👏 From it’s look, I can say it’s delicious. So I must make it.

  8. anishanath says:

    I knew about the Dalgona Coffee as it was trending but the origin was unknown to me. I also tried making but failed sadly.

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