K-Drama Review: Welcome / Meow : The Secret Boy

The 2020 spring KBS Drama ‘Welcome/Meow: the Secret Boy’ is a fantasy-based romantic comedy, based on a web-toon named Go A-ra. The story is about a girl named Sol-ah in her mid-twenties. She is an art school graduate who works as a graphic designer as well as, is the creator of webtoons. Sol-ah is a cheerful and a friendly girl who takes care of others. Her personality is that of a puppy who keeps coming back despite being pushed away, whereas, the people around her are like cats with indifferent personalities and no-care attitude. Her father’s personality is similar to a Persian cat. He remarries after Sol-ah’s mother dies, leaving her alone. Even the guy she likes since high school is similar to a Siamese cat, who leaves her without saying a word though he has his reasons for that. Despite her dislikings for cats, Sol-ah agrees to keep her ex-lover Jae-sun’s cat until they find a new home for it, as he is allergic to cats. She names the cat Hong-jo.

My experiments with ‘Dalgona Coffee’

During the midst of quarantine and lock-down, people are advised to eat homemade food. Thus enabling some things to trend worldwide, Dalgona coffee is also one of the trends of this quarantine. In the time where we cannot order our favorite coffee from our favorite cafes like Costa Coffee, Starbucks, CCD etc, Dalgona Coffee has become a trend setter.