K-Drama Review: Playful Kiss

Riya Choudhary, Delhi

Playful Kiss is a K-Drama based on the Japanese manga series Itazura na Kiss by Kaoru Tada. The story of this drama revolves around a girl who scores poor grades in studies and has a crush on a handsome boy, who is pretty famous because he is the topper of the school.

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Jung So-min plays the role of Oh Ha-ni, who is not-so-smart when it comes to getting good grades in her academics. She lives with her father who runs a noodle shop. Her mother passed away when she was a child. She has a crush on Baek Seung-jo, played by Kim Hyun-joong and always day-dreams about him. Baek Seung-jo is the topper of the school. She has two best-friends in the school, Dokko Min-ah, played by Yoon Seung-ah and Jung Ju-ri, played by Hong Yoon-hwa. All three of them, score poor grades but they always support each other and are kind at heart. There’s also Lee Tae-seong, who plays the role of Bong Jun-gu, a Busan boy who always tries to win Oh Ha-ni’s affection.

Baek Seung-jo, is handsome and always gets good grades like scoring 500 on 500 in the exams. He lives with his parents and his younger brother. His father runs a gaming company. His family is perfect! His mother, Hwang Geum-hee, played by Jung Hye-young is friendly and cheerful lady. She always stays updated about what his son is doing and is supportive towards him. There’s another girl as the second lead, Lee Si-young who has played the role of Yoon Hae-ra. She is smart like Seung-jo and likes him as well.

One of the funny incidents from the drama is when Oh ha-ni gives a love letter to Seung-jo but ends up getting it back after Seung-jo corrects her grammatical mistakes. A turn-around in the events take place, when Oh Ha-ni’s house collapses due to an earthquake, and she shifts to her father’s friend’s house, which ultimately turns out to be Baek Seung-jo’s house. After that, the drama starts progressing, taking interesting turns when they live in the same house. Eventually Seung-jo falls for Ha-ni and we get to see the cute chemistry between the couple.

If you are Kim Hyun-joong’s fan then it’s a must-watch drama. He is nailing this cold but cute role in this K-drama. I saw this after watching Boys Over Flowers and it is refreshing for me to watch him as the main lead instead of the second lead. For Jung So-min, she is really cute in this K-drama. I enjoyed the scenes where she keeps fantasizing in her mind and daydreams about his crush. She is a lovely daughter, a loyal friend, and a loveable partner. The drama has several mesmerizing OSTs. There are two songs which I particularly liked a lot, one of them is WILL YOU KISS ME sung by G.NA and another one is ONE MORE TIME sung by Kim Hyun-joong. Playful Kiss is a drama filled with emotions of love and sadness, family relations and friendships. It is funny to see how the relationship between the lead pair unfolds. As an amazing rom-com, this drama attracted even more viewers after the series completed, such that the show makers aired special episodes on youtube later. Do let me know your views about this K-drama.

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  1. I have watched the Thai version of Playful kiss and it was so amazing! But I’m a huge fan of Kim Hyun joong so I’ll watch the korean version too soon

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  2. Bala says:

    My first kdrama which started my love for Kpop. Well written!!

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  3. shipra09 says:

    I’m gettinf nostalgias while watching this article 😢😢😢. It was one of my favourite k drama. Kim hyung joong just melt my heart like always ❤

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  4. DK says:

    Its story is kinda interesting. Will watch it from today. Want more reviews in this genre

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  5. Pari says:

    Missing those time when this kim Hyun Joong exists. Wanna see his more kdramas.

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  6. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    My first ROm com 💕

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  8. Nousheen Fatima says:

    My first ever kdrama and really enjoyed watching it…..

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  9. Sonia Bangera says:

    Well written!😍👏🏻❤ Kim Hyun-joong Fans must watch it.. Lovely drama🥰❤

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  10. Deepika_Melody says:

    This drama is almost most of the kdrama fans first drama 😍. Kim hyunjoong is a princess 😘. This Article explains the drama so well 💙

    1. Thankyou so much. Glad you liked it

  11. shipra09 says:

    Very good review. On point. I could relate every explanation 😅😅😅

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  12. Chirag rana says:

    The show is so good. I really like the character of kim hyun jong. Loved the article.

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  13. Ishank says:

    One of the cutest and enjoyable drama.. well written review. Hope you do more like it.

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